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Hoods were an often worn garment. They were decorated and decorative, and they protected from the elements. in a time when everyone wore hats this versitile garment could be made into a hat, and if the lirepipe is very long you can fation the hood into a turbin like hat.

A hood pattern. This design is the best I have used, becuse of the rectangular shap of the head part it sites well when worn on the head. It stays on the head and protects well form the elements because of the deepper face oppening. I often fold the face oppening back to to eleviatte the tunel apeerence and to give the oppening more rigid shape.

Another hood pattern with a dagged edge. If you want to wear your hood around your neck this pattern is a littl better that the previous as it will have less fabric at the back of your neck.


Carl Köhler



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