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How To Cut Extra Support Strut Ends
Since all 15 triangle faces of a STARPLATE Frame are identical, you can make any type of supporting network using the main struts and only three types of extra support struts.

Main Struts Fit Here
(use Template A)


Parallel Struts Fit Here
(use Template B)


Perpendicular Struts Fit Here
(use Template C)


Partial Struts Fit Here
(use Template D)


  1. Cut out template or duplicate in thine, stiff cardboard.

  2. Fold along dotted line.

  3. Lay 1 1/2" side of template on 1 1/2" side of lumber.

  4. Determine required length (tip to tip) and mark 2 sides of lumber at one end; Slide template to other end and mark 2 sides of lumber there.

  5. With a hand saw cut along both lines with one cut.

  6. Make one piece fit then cut the others exactly the same.

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