Job #1 - What Size?
Job #2 - Framework
Job #3 - Foundation
Job #4 - Walls
Job #5 - Roof
Job #6 - Doors
Appendix A
Appendix B
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Hole Spacing Is Important!
The secret to a successful project is to make the hole spacing "E" equal for alt (25) struts. If "E" is not the same on each Strut, the triangular sides and roof sections wilt not be the same and youÂ’'ll have trouble making things fit.

Hint About Bevelled Strut Ends -
Bevelled strut ends add a more finished appearance to most projects in which the struts will show to the Outside. They function better than square ended struts on screen-house/greenhouse applications because there is more support near the STARPLATE - see Fig. #1

Fig. 1 Bevelled Strut Ends

Figure 2 shows how several strut ends cart be combined for a deluxe frame.

Fig. 2 Deluxe Frame

Fig. 3 Struts

  • Pick the best combination for your design
  • Determine dimension "E" (see formulas - Appendix B)
  • Cut & drill 25 struts
  • Assemble framework

    Fig. 4 Fitting Bolts

  • Fig. 5 Base Assembly

    Fig. 6 STAREPLATE Assembly

    Fig. 7 Vertical Strut Assembly for Option #3

    Option #1 - Basic Framework

    Uses -
    Buildings with roof eaves that overhang less than 8". Simplest to build; all pieces are the same length.

    Materials -
    (5) Struts (treated) for base
    (20) Struts for roof and walls
    (50) 5/16" Carriage bolts, nuts & washers

  • All pieces are the same length

  • Option #2 - Extended Root Struts

    Uses -
    Buildings with roof eaves that overhang more than 8". More decorative look. Keeps water of walls better. NOTE - Since the top corners of wall panels (Job #4) must be trimmed to clear extended roof Struts, this option is more difficult for adding wails.

    Materials -
    (5) Struts (treated) for base
    (5) Roof struts (25% longer)
    (15) Wall struts
    (50) 5/16" Carriage bolts, nuts & washers

  • Base, wall & eave struts are all the same length
  • Roof struts are rough cut 25% longer (Trim to length finishing roof)
  • Option #3 - Square Front

    For this option, one base STARPLATE is removed. All four struts which normally attach to this base STARPLATE are removed, leaving a large entry area. Because some of the inherent all-triangle strength is removed, this option requires anchoring of all base points.

    Uses -
    If a large, conventional rectangular door is desired or if the frame must attach to the vertical wall of another building.

    Materials -
    (5) Roof struts
    (3) Base Struts (treated)
    (2) Vertical Struts (treated)
    (13) Wall struts
    (44) 5/16 Carriage bolts, nuts & washers

  • All six base points must be anchored

  • Ragnar Note:
    More to come soon

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