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Job #2 - Framework
Job #3 - Foundation
Job #4 - Walls
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Job #6 - Doors
Appendix A
Appendix B
the Templates
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Panel Size -
The panel cuts (small, medium & large) shown in Job #4 will conveniently cover any frame with 3' to 9' struts. Determine the size using formulas in Appendix B.

Extra Supports -
Extra supporting members are cut with templates B, C & D (see Appendix A) and nailed in place as shown in Fig. #1. Extra support arrangements are shown in Fig. #2.

Fig. 1
Extra Roof Struts
(with main struts up to 4' long)
(with main struts up to 7' long)
Use one center support covered with two triangles cut as shown. Overhang can be supported or unsupported.
(with main struts over 7' long)
Use two center supports spaced so that large triangle panels fit left & right add rectangular panel in center. Eave support optional but recommended.
Fig. 2 Roof Support Methods

Option #1- Unsupported Eaves

Uses -
See Job #2, Option #2.

Materials -
Extra Supports
1/2" or 5/8" plywood or flakeboard roof sheathing.
1/8" recommended for small frames only.

Option #2 - Supported Eaves

Uses -
See Job #2, Option #2.

Materials -
Same as Option #1.

Roof Coverings -

Covering Choices -
None - Caulk and paint only, roofing paper, rolled roofing, asphalt shingles, cedar shingles or shakes.

Materials -
Roof covering material
Roofing nails
Drip Edge

Fig. 3
Roofing With Shingles

Fig. 4
Cutting Ridge Pieces

Fig. 5
Roof Cross-Section


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