original drawing by
Estelle Ansley Worrell
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English grenadiers were infantry who carded and used the recently invented grenades. They carried thern in a pouch attached to a bandolier or shoulder strap. It was a dangerous job because the grenades had to be lit with a slow match and then thrown!

King James II convinced the English Parliament that they should support and control an army with tax money in 1688 and when they did the new army wore red coats.

The first British grenadiers looked like these, and their coats were red with black cuffs. The braid trim around the brass buttons and but- tonholes is green with the ends fringed. All the leatherwork is buff except the dragoon boots which are black (see Figure 66). Some regiments were dragoons as well as grenadiers. Infantrymen wore shoes and stockings instead of boots.

The new grenadier hat was a stocking cap with a tassel and a stiff plate standing up in front. It was used in the Revolution with few changes.

The bayonet was new also--invented in Bayonnes, France, which 'explains the name. It was socketed in the end of the barrel of the musket. The musket couldn't be fired with the bayonet in place 'until in 1702 when the new side socket was put into use.

Along with grenades, inuskets, swords, bayonets, and cartridge pouches, grenadiers also carried tomahawks.

French grenadiers wore dark blue coats with red cuffs, red stoe ings, and white braid ~. The French attacked American colonists Scheneetady and settlements in Maine and New Hampshire. In 1 LaSaUe claimed the area of the Louisiana Territory for France.