original drawing by
Estelle Ansley Worrell
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Velvet coats were popular with the neck still collarless, braid trim, and wide cuffs. Brown was a popular color.

The braid binds each buttonhole, then extends for about two inches beyond the buttonhole. It is laid under the button on the button side for the same distance so the two sides match.

Pleats were added at the side to give the coat fullness. (See Figure 92 for rear view.) Cuffs with braid trim buttoned back to the sleeves.

A sleeveless waistcoat is worn underneath; this buttons all the way to the hem.

This gentleman wears a plain shirt without wrist ruffles. His cravat is tied once with the ends hanging long over his chest. He wears stockings and black square-toe shoes with buckles over a tongue flap.

His long dark wig is pouffed out on top at each side of the part to form a square shape. He still likes to have one long lock in front.

For a duke or a colonial governor whether English, Dutch, or French, add a ribbon sash across the shoulder as in Figure 38.