original drawing by
Estelle Ansley Worrell
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Fashion not only dictates what is worn but how it should be worn. This coat is open all the way down but the waistcoat or vest has just two buttons fastened below the waist. It is natural for one to rest a hand in such a ready-made sling.

This gentleman's coat is decorated with heavy gold braid under the buttons and around the buttonholes. Each strip has a tassel at the end. Sometimes the braid is fringed at the end. This coat is olive green with gold braid. Only three buttons hold the cuff to the sleeve.

The waistcoat and breeches are the same green as the coat. His stockings which are pulled up over the knee-band of the breeches are gray, and the square-toe, buckled shoes are black.

The ruffled shirt, like that in Figure 73, is white.

His full, squared wig is powdered to a gray color. The tricome hat is fashionably decorated with braid and plume.

James Ogietho" who helped to settle Georgia had his portrait painted in clothes and wig like these with the armor breastplate and arm protectors of Figure 3 over his waistcoat.