original drawing by
Estelle Ansley Worrell
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Men's clothing, which went through various changes at the turn of the century, changed little until after the Revolution.

The most obvious change in men's coats was in the cuffs of the sleeves. This gentleman wears a red coat with a green collar and a green waistcoat. Gray collars and waistcoats were popular too. Waistcoats were becoming shorter. Coat cuffs were now slits in the sleeve which buttoned with either three or four buttons.

The breeches of this gentleman are buff. The shirt is like that of Figure 73.

He wears high English boots with a turned-down cuff of buff canvas lining. This boot will be worn for riding in the 20th century and will be the jockey boot.

Two rolled curls are worn over his ears and the rest of his natural, lightly powdered hair is tied in back with a ribbon. The periwig is no longer in style.

Hats like this braid-ffimmed tricome were really worn again instead of just carried.

A similar coat of the period is dark red with a gray lining and collar, worn with a gray waistcoat and buff breeches. Some coats still have cuffs and when they do they match the color of the collar.