(a) Plain cocked bat. (1728.)

(b) Hat with cockade. (1728.)

(c) Hat with feather fringe and laced border. (1742.)

(d) Dettingen cocked hat. (1743.)

(e) High military cock and cockade. (1745.) (f) Laced hat (1745.)

(g) Open cock. (1745.)

(h) Kevenhuller cock. (174s.)

(i) Large plain hat. (1745.)

(j) Large laced hat, feather fringe, and bag-wig. (1745.)

Note. In the last four (g), (h), (i), and (j), the high-tongued shoes are the military styles of the period.



original drawing by
Barbara Phillipson,
Phillis Cunnington