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I really do appreciate all the mail I get from my Web Sites, however I get so much e-mail that it has become necessary to "filter" the mail, so I ask that you please consider these words before you send me an e-mail.
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  • Please realise that I maintain over two-dozen web sites, so if I don't know which one you are writting about I can't help you. I have tried to help by having, where posable, your e-mail software put the web site name in the subject line, this will help my e-mail software sort your mail to a place where I will read it.

  • Please make some note of any spacific file/page or picture you are writting about, if I can't know what you are talking about I can't respond.

  • Because of an increase in unwanted and irritating "SPAM" some mail sent to me is unfortunately lost or misplaced. As a result I ask that if you don't get a response in a timely manner please do write again.

  • If you're writting to tell me I can't spell, thanks, but that would be a wast of your time and it annoys me. It would be helpful to tell me what specifically is misspelled and what is the correct spelling.

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2005 January 28