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The Coif
The Coif is white linen cap worn by both sexes, close-fitting to the head and tied under the chin with strings. Worn from the early Middle Ages onwards as a nightcap or under another cap, head-dress or hat. Also worn by professional men in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, by churchmen, lawyers and academics.

In this picture of me, to the right, in my big feather hat I'm wearing a coif. I find it makes the hat a lot more comfortable. It also keeps the hat cleaner and actualy alows some more ventilation and so is cooler to wear with the hat than not.



There are many patterns you can use to sew your own coif these patterns here are some of the more comonly used patterns. The simplest coif you can make one of a rectangle of cloth, fold it in half and sew one edge so to make a cone and then wear that, but it will have a point stiking uot the back of your head and if you're just wearing it under a hat that will work but most people want a more fitter coif.

This coif is the most popular and easiest style of coif you'll find of fitted coif. Sew the curved edges oposit the strait edge together and wwear that seam on the back of your heat with your face in the strait.

This coif is

This coif is

This coif is

( more to come soon )


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