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Picture Gallery Credits
First off I want to thank all those who have given me pictures for this gallery, I find it hard to take my own picture. If you have any pictures of me please share them with me and others. THANK YOU
Unknown Photographers
Click to send an E-Mail If you've taken any of these pictures
I really appreciate you giving me a copy,
and I'd like you to be properly credited
please contact me so I can do that.

Please specify which picture
Well that's me :o)
he's my father and he has this thing about taking pictures, he's a shutterbug
my mother doesn't take many pictures but when she does I'm glad
a friend from my university days

These pictures come from many sources and where I know I do my best to state were they originated (Who took em') however in some cases I don't know were they came from, that info was either lost or I never had it, because the picture was given to me or I've had it so long I don't know.

If a picture of yours is here unaccredited PLEASE contact me so I can fix that.