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My interests are wide and varied, I've thought long about how to present tis page and frankly I don't know how to do it with out it being a boring list or an arogant statment? However I have many various interests, which helps make me a renaissance man.

I am quite pasionate about learning and teaching, I love history, not names and dates but why things happened That kind of history the chain of events, what set the stage so that this or that could happen, I think of as fun. Society for Creative Anachronism

Trains I like to, well mostly the tracks, when I was youge and got to ride the street cars in Toronto for the first time other people were looking up at the tall buildings but I was watching the tracks as well. I like when tracks cross at the switches. HO Model RailRoad and Trains

I love architecture too, tall buildings, bridges, dams, locks, towers, and city planing, it's all cool stuff to me.

I like building things, I've made many things in my past, I've done some soapstone carving, sculpting in several other materials including paper. I designed and built a lot of Musical instruments, mostly stringed instruments like both moutain dulcimers and hamered dulcimers, Banjos and fidels/violins and few wind instuments and drumbs I'v also built boats and buildings and Eco-Cabin

And then there is sewing and clothing design, I like that too. I'm not a fanatic for fashion design and modern cloths but the old stuff intregues me so much. I used to wear Eighteenth Century Garb in high school and some of what I wear today is influeced byt the Landsknecht Garb and other clothing from the Renaissance era of Europe. Though I wear some cloths of traditional japanese as well. What I think of my cloths are as a modern take influenced by the past

I have learned a lot about sewing and to help me teach id too I have a little weeb site about Sewing & Garb Accessories Also if you'd like to learn more about some Historic Garb Stuff I have a few things there to.

From the past to the future, with the natural world in shuch peril as it is today I think of us living in cities and what we will do in the future, fasinates my thinking, I wonder how we will manage and where we'll end up. I'd like for us to be living in underground cities and floting cites and travel in Space Ships. I dream of a futur

Now returning to the present it has to be said that I like Sneakers, i'ts not a fetish as my friends often tease me about, I just find them neat, or cool. I see them very much as art, Industrial are but art nonetheless. My interest in them is in both the asthetic and their affect on society, we pay a high price for the shoes that we wear. Most people don't see what it cost, the sweatshopps in Asia and kids killing eachother to own the right shoes. the status they show in our society is remarkable. Because there are some people who don't care at all and some for whom it is everything. Culturaly I think that's kinda neet :o)

And to look back to the past with many aplications in the present I like Heraldry, I only get to do anything with it in the SCA but I find it fun and I like dealing with people.

Some of my interests are expressed in my few Hobbies. I want to get out more, and explore a few more hobbies soon.

Square-Rigged Sailing Ship
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My hobbies are few compared to my Interests but this is understandable given how many intrests I have and how few hours in the day. So I have to choose what I'll do right now and what I won't.

Well I would have to say that right now my favourite hobby and interest are both HO Model RailRoad and Trains I ame continuing to build a layout with tracks going around my room and across it, and I hope to have it all three levels high some day.

These days, most of my history related activities are through my involvment in the Society for Creative Anachronism

Sewing & Garb Accessories My sewing combines with the SCA in all the Historic Garb Stuff I make and research and do Landsknecht Garb Eighteenth Century Garb

I'm building things all the time and I gess the biggest building project I'm working on right now is Mom's Eco-Cabin and all the outbuildings at her "farm."

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2005 December 28