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Learning Disabilities

Who is the Learning Disabled Child?

  • this is an intelligent child who fails at school.
  • at school-age reads on for no writes 41 for 14, p for d, or q for b, and cannot remember the sequence of letters that make up a word.
  • hears the dog barking, the truck honking, but barely hears Mother calling, ... who hears the scratching of pencils, the sound of the air conditioner, and footsteps outside. but does not hear what the teacher says.
  • forgets names of people.places, things, his own address and telephone number, but does remebmber the ads on television.
  • loses homework. misplaces books. and does not know what day it is, or what year. or what season.
  • this is the child with the messy room. the shirt-tail hanging out. the shoelaces undone. the child who attracts dirt like a magnet.
  • does not look before walking, who bumps into the door, who swings lunch boxes into the nearest legs, who trips easily. and who does not look at the person who is talking.
  • has trouble lining up. who cannot help bothering the child ahead in line.... who does not stop talking. who giggles too much, and laughs the loudest.
  • calls breakfast lunch,... who is confused by yesterday. today. and tomorrow. and whose timing is always off.
  • cannot tolerate making the smallest mistake,... who tunes out in mid-conversation, ... who is happy one moment and tearful the next.
  • is reluctant to try anything new, who is frightened by change.
  • says I don't care or I won't and really means I can't.... and who would rather be called bad than dumb.
  • cannot picture things mentally, who cannot visualize or remember what has been seen.
  • this is the quiet child who bothers nobody in the classroom but does not learn.
  • this is the older child whose language comes out jumbled, who stops and sarts in the middle of a sentence or an idea.... who talks about hospitals, animals, and enemies.
  • hugs the cat too tightly but can't hold a pencil,... who gets frost bite in the snow. and does not feel the hot water until it burns.
  • this is the good swimmer... who stumbles up the stairs.
  • draws the same thing over and over,... and who asks constant questions but does not seem interested in the answers.
  • cannot keep afriend,... and who prefers to play with younger children.
  • wants everything done in a certain way,... who tattle-tales, ... picks on others for every little thing, and bosses everyone around
  • this is the expert strategist in checkers or chess who cannot understand a riddle or a joke.
  • lopes through life, slow to get up, slow to move or to think, but quick to play.
  • rushes headlong into work, is the first one finished, and has done all the problems wrong.
  • can add and multiply but not subtract or divide,... who can do math mentally but cannot write it down.
  • skips words, omits them. or adds them when reading aloud.
  • smiles at everyone, greets strangers with open arms, says "hello" to anyone.... and whose good nature invites trouble as "the fall guy."
  • tends to feel that life is unfair, who carries a big chip on the shoulder, and refuses to try.
  • can understand the Homer's Odyssey, but cannot read the words in, the, or if.

Any of these children may well be
a child with a learning disability.

[MacCregor, Rosenbaum, and Skoutaian. 1982.)

Here is what the great
has to say about
Learning Disabilities
I have Learning Disabilities, quite sever some of them. You may have noticed my spelling is atrocious but my vocabulary is emense, suprise. My dificulties are mostly in the areas of reading and writing. At least those were tested for and identified when I was in school and I have over the years learned and developed many and various copping stradegies to deal with them, or get around them. These learning disabilities affected my learning abilities and really slowed down or complicated my learning in the school system. but these these were in fact fairlly trivial when compared to the social and emotional costs I've payed...

Reading Body Language

I am quite hopless at reading body language, Once I was later told that I struck up a conversation with this one fellow who was sething with hate for me, about something he had been told about me, but I had not seen this and just started talking with him. He was a little stuned and he was civil but I didn't pick up on his hanger

I have learned some tricks to figure out many of these but if I don't make an effort to see them they are not apperent to me