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The Domain of Truth
Science, Philosophy and Religion
mostly separate and different realms of knowledge, truth, belief, enlightenment and methods, Commonalities are shared between each and all of them. This diagram shows shared area and in the center were all share

An illustration of the three spheres of science, philosophy and religion showing the areas of intersection
The love and persuit of wisdom by intelectual means. The investigation of causes and laws underlying reality. A particular system ofphilosophical inquiry or demonstration. Inquiry into the nature of things based on logical reasoning rather than empirical methods. The critique and analysis of fundamental belifs as they come to be conseptualized and formulated. The investigation of natural phenomina and its systematization in theory and experiment, as in alchemy, astrology, or astonomy nature philosophy. The science comprising logic, ethics, aesthetiscs, metaphysics and epistemology.


Wisdom is enlightenment understanding of what is true or right, usually aquired through long exsperience, as distinguished from a pertioal or specialized knowledge. Common sense; sagacity; good judgement. Acumulated learning; erudition. Wise saying or teachings


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2005 December 28