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The Domain of Truth
Science, Philosophy and Religion
mostly separate and different realms of knowledge, truth, belief, enlightenment and methods, Commonalities are shared between each and all of them. This diagram shows shared area and in the center were all share

An illustration of the three spheres of science, philosophy and religion showing the areas of intersection
Learning or study concerned with demonsterable truth or observable phenomina, and characterized by the systematic aplication or the scientific methode. Such learning or study concerned with the phenomina of the physical universe; any or all natural scineces; . Any branch of knowledge conducted accordig to the scientific methode. Any methedological activity, dicipline or study.


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The aplication of science, especialy to industrial and commercial objectives. The entire body of methodes and materials used to achieve such objectives. The body of knowledge available to a civilization that is of use in in fashioning implaments, particularly manual arts and skils, and extracting or colecting materials.

There is a huge difference and distance between Science and Technology, somthing the victorians could never seperate and many people today still do not know or understand.

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2005 December 28