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The universe

We live in a universe of "magic," there are many things which can be known but several things we can never know

The universe is "god's" body, and we are all just small parts of it, no greater nor lesser than any other part, and together we are the life force of the universe

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The Domain of Truth
Science, Philosophy and Religion
mostly separate and different realms of knowledge, truth, belief, enlightenment and methods, Commonalities are shared between each and all of them. This diagram shows shared area and in the center were all share

An illustration of the three spheres of science, philosophy and religion showing the areas of intersection

Science, Philosophy and Religion are huge realms of knowledge, truth, belief, and enlightenment. Each has its predominantly separate sphere of thought, methods, knowledge and truth. However the three realms are not disparate, Each shares some area with the others, areas sometimes called "Gray" these are the areas were there is cross-over from one to the other, were there is sharing. And then there is also the very center there all three cross-over. It can be seen in this illustration (left) we have circles representing the three spheres of science (blue) philosophy (yellow) and religion (red) This diagram also shows the areas of intersection where science and philosophy share (green) science and religion share (purple) and philosophy and religion share (orange) There is also an area in which all three are present, at the center (clear)

(More to come)

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2005 December 28