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        The following list of the words presented in this book. A book of vocabulary for high school students. The words included are those likely to offer some degree of difficulty. The definitions given have in many cases been condensed. Use this dictionary as a tool of reference and review. It is a convenient means of restudying the meanings of words that you may have missed. It is also a useful device for a general review before an important vocabulary test. Bear in mind, however, that there are only 1169 words in this list.

abandon -give up completely
abate -become less; make less
abdicate -give up
abduct -carry off by force
abhor -hate
abnormal -unusual
abode -home
abound -be well supplied; be plentiful
abrasion -scraping or wearing away of the skin by friction
abroad -in or to a foreign land or lands
abrupt -broken off
abscond -steal off and hide
absolute -free from control or restriction
absolve -set free from some duty or responsibility; declare free from guilt or blame
absorbing -extremely interesting
abstain -withhold oneself from doing something
accede -agree
accessible -easy to approach
accommodate -hold without crowding or inconvenience; do a favor for
accord -agreement; agree
accumulate -pile up
acquiesce -accept, agree, or give implied consent by keeping silent or by not making objections
acquiescent -disposed to acquiesce
acquired -developed after birth
acronym -name formed from the first letter or letters of other words
adapt -adjust; make suitable for a different use
adaptable -capable of changing so as to fit a new or specific use or situation
addicted -given over (to a habit)
adept -highly skilled or trained
adhere -stick
adherent -faithful supporter
adjacent -lying near
adjoin -be next to
adjourn -close a meeting
adroit -expert in using the hands
adroitness -skill in the use of the hands
advantageous -helpful
advent -approach
adversary -opponent
adverse -unfavorable
advocate -speak in favor of
affinity -sympathy
affirm -declare to be true
affluence -abundance of wealth or property
affluent -very wealthy
aggravate -make worse
aggregate -gathered together in one mass
aggregation -gathering of individuals into a body or group
aggressor -person or nation that begins a quarrel
agitate -disturb
agronomy -branch of agriculture dealing with crop production and soil management
alias -assumed name; otherwise called
alien -foreign-born resident who is not a citizen of the country in which he lives
alienate -turn (someone) from affection to dislike or enmity; make hostile or unfriendly
alliteration -repetition of the same letter or consonant at the beginning of consecutive words
ally -one associated or united with another in a common purpose
altercation -noisy, angry dispute
alternative -choice
amass -pile up
amateur -person who follows a particular pursuit because he likes it, rather than as a profession; person who per-forms rather poorly
ambidextrous -able to use both hands equally well
ambush -trap in which concealed persons lie in wait to attack by surprise
amiable -lovable
amicable -characterized by friendliness rather than antagonism
amity -friendship
amorous -having to do with love
amplify -enlarge
anachronism -error in chronology or time order
anagram -word or phrase formed from another by transposing the letters
analysis -separation of a thing into the parts or elements of which it is composed
ancestry -line of descent
animate -give spirit and vigor to
animosity -violent hatred
animus -ill will
annals -record of events arranged in yearly sequence
annual -completing the life cycle in one growing season; plant that lives for one growing season
annul -cancel
anonymous -of unnamed or unknown origin
antagonist -one who is against, or contends with, another in a struggle, fight, or contest; main opponent of the principal character in a play, novel, or story
antagonistic -showing hostility
antagonize -make an enemy of
antecedents -ancestors
antechamber -an outer room leading to another usually more important room
antedate -assign a date before the true date; precede
ante meridiem -before noon
anteroom -room placed before and forming an entrance to another
antibiotic -substance obtained from tiny living organisms that works against harmful bacteria
antibody -substance in the blood or tissues that works against germs or poisons produced by germs
anticipate -foresee
antidote -remedy that acts against the effects of a poison
antihistamine -drug used against certain allergies and cold symptoms
antipathy -dislike
antiseptic -substance that prevents infection
antithesis -direct opposite
antitoxin -substance formed in the body as the result of the introduction of a toxin and capable of acting against that toxin
antonym -word meaning the opposite of another word
anxiety -painful uneasiness of mind usually over an anticipated ill
anxious -fearful of what may happen
apparition -ghost
append -attach
appendix -matter added to the end of a book or document
applicable -appropriate
apprehend -anticipate with fear; arrest
apprehensive -expecting something un- favorable
apprentice -person learning an art or trade under a skilled worker
apprise -inform
aristocracy -government, or country governed, by a small privileged upper class; ruling class of nobles
aristocrat -advocate of aristocracy; member of the aristocracy
arrogant -thinking too well of oneself or of one's own opinions
artisan -skilled workman
assailant -one who attacks violently with blows or words
assent -agreement
assert -maintain as true
assimilate -make similar; take in and in- corporate as one's own
aster - plant having small starlike flowers
asterisk -star-shaped mark (*) used to call attention to a footnote, omission, etc.
asteroid -very small planet resembling a star in appearance; starfish
astrologer -person who practices a false science dealing with the influence of the stars and planets on human affairs
astrology -false science dealing with the influence of the stars and planets on human affairs
astronomical -having to do with the science of the sun, moon, planets, stars, and other heavenly bodies; in- conceivably large
astronomy -science of the sun, moon, planets, stars, and other heavenly bodies
astute -shrewd; wise
audacious -bold; too bold
audible -capable of being heard
augment -increase
authentic -genuine
autobiography -story of a person's life written by the person himself
autocracy -government, or country governed by one individual with self-derived, unlimited power
autocrat -ruler exercising self-derived, absolute power
autocratic -ruling with absolute power and authority
automation -technique of making a process self-operating by means of built-in electronic controls
automaton -robot
autonomous -self-governing
autonomy -right of self-government
autopsy -medical examination of a dead body to determine the cause of death
avarice -excessive desire for wealth
aver -state to be true
averse -opposed
avert -turn away
avocation -hobby
avowal -open acknowledgment
ban -forbid
barometer -instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure as an aid in determining probable weather changes
beguile -deceive by means of flattery or by a trick or lie
belittle -speak of in a slighting way
belligerent -fond of fighting
benediction -blessing
benefactor -person who gives kindly aid, money, or a similar benefit
beneficial -productive of good
beneficiary -person receiving some good, advantage, or benefit
benevolent -disposed to promote the welfare of others
bent -natural capacity
bewilder -confuse
bicameral -consisting of two chambers or legislative houses
bicentennial -two-hundredth anniversary
bicker -quarrel in a petty way
biennial -occurring every two years
bilateral -having two sides
bilingual -speaking two languages equally well; written in two languages
bimonthly -occurring every two months
bipartisan -representing two political parties
bisect -divide into two equal parts
blunder -mistake caused by stupidity or carelessness
boon -benefit
brawl -quarrel noisily
breach -violation of a law or duty
bulwark -wall-like defensive structure
bureaucracy -government by bureaus or groups of officials
cache -hiding place to store something
calamity -great misfortune
capsize -overturn
captivated -charmed
cartographer -person skilled in the science or art of map making
cartography -the science or art of map making
catastrophe -great misfortune
censure -act of blaming; find fault with
cheek -hold back
chronic -marked by long duration and frequent recurrence; having a characteristic, habit, disease, etc., for a long time
chronicle -historical account of events in the order of time
chronological -arranged in order of time
chronology -arrangement of data or events in order of time of occurrence
chronometer -instrument for measuring time very accurately
circumference -distance around a circle or rounded body
circumlocution -roundabout way of speaking
circumnavigate -sail around
circumscribe -draw a line around; limit
circumspect -careful to consider all circumstances and possible consequences
circumvent -go around
citadel -fortress
civilian -person not a member of the armed forces, or police, or fire fighting forces
clandestine -carried on in secrecy and concealment
cleavage -split
cleave -stick
cling -stick
coalesce -grow together
cogent -convincing
cohere -stick together
coherence -state of sticking together
coherent -sticking together
cohesion -act or state of sticking together
collaborate -work together
collateral -situated at the side
collective -of a group of individuals as a whole
collusion -secret agreement for a deceitful purpose
colossal -huge
combative -eager to fight
commencing -beginning
commend -praise
commodious -spacious and comfortable
commute -travel back and forth daily, as from a home in the suburbs to a job in the city
compact -agreement
compatible -able to exist together harmoniously
compelling -forceful
compete -take part in a contest
comply -act in accordance with another's wishes or in obedience to a rule
compromise -settlement reached by a partial yielding on both sides
compulsory -required by authority
con -against; opposing argument ill
conclusive -final
concord -state of being together in heart or mind
concur -agree
concurrent -occurring at the same time
concurrently -at the same time
condiment -something added to or served with food to enhance its flavor
confirm -state or prove the truth of
confirmed -habitual
conform -be in agreement or harmony with
congenital -existing at birth
congregate -come together into a crowd
congregation -gathering of people for religious worship
conscientious -having painstaking regard for what is right
conscript -enroll into military service by compulsion
conservative -tending or disposed to maintain existing views, conditions, or institutions
consistency -harmony
consistent -keeping to the same principles throughout
conspicuous -noticeable
conspiracy -plot
contemplate -consider carefully and for a long time
contend -take part in a contest; argue
contraband -merchandise imported or exported contrary to law
contrary -opposite
contravene -go or act contrary to
controversy -dispute
convene -meet in a group for a specific purpose
conventional -customary
cordiality -friendliness
correspond -he in harmony
corroborate -confirm
costly -expensive
counter -contrary
countermand -cancel (an order) by issuing a contrary order
covenant -agreement
covert -secret
covet -crave, especially something belonging to another
cow -make afraid
cower -draw back tremblingly
craft -skill; cunning
craftsman -skilled workman
crafty -clever
craven -cowardly; coward
craze -fad
cringe -shrink in fear
crony -close companion
crouch -stoop or bend low with the limbs close to the body
cryptogram -something written in secret code
culprit -one guilty of a fault or crime
cunning -clever
cur -worthless dog
curb -hold back
cure-all -remedy for all ills
currency -something in circulation as a medium of exchange
curtail -shorten or reduce by cutting off the end or a part of
custody -care
dastardly -cowardly and mean
dauntless -fearless
dawdle -waste time
debate -discussion or argument carried on between two sides
debilitate -impair the strength of
decadent -marked by decay or decline
decease -death
deciduous -having leaves that fall down at the end of the growing season
declining -growing worse
decrepit -broken down or weakened by old age or use
default -failure to do something required; fail to pay or appear when due
defer -yield to another out of respect, authority, or courtesy
defiance -refusal to obey authority
definitive -serving to end an unsettled matter
deflate -release air or gas from
deft -skillful
deftness -skill
degenerate -sink to a lower class or standard
deliberate -carefully considered
deliberately -in a carefully thought out manner; slowly
delude -lead from truth or into error
deluge -flood
demagogue -political leader who stirs up the people for personal advantage
demented -out of one's mind
democracy -government, or country governed, by the people
democratic -based on the principles of government by the people
democratize -make democratic
demolish -tear down; destroy
demote -move down in grade or rank
denizen -inhabitant
dependent -unable to exist without the support of another
depose -put out of office
depreciate -go down in price or value; speak slightingly of
deranged -insane
dermatologist -physician specializing in the diseases of the skin
dermatology -science dealing with the skin and its diseases
dermis -inner layer of the skin
descendant -one who is descended from a particular ancestor or from a common stock
desist -cease to proceed or act
desolate -make lonely; left alone
despise -look down on
despite -in spite of
despot -ruler with absolute power and authority
despotic -domineering
destitute -not possessing the necessaries of life
deter -turn aside through fear
deteriorate -make or become worse
deteriorating -becoming worse or of less value
detrimental -harmful
deviate -turn aside or down (from a route or rule)
devour -cat up greedily
dexterity -skill in using the hands or mind
dexterous -skillful with the hands
diameter -straight line passing through the center of a body or figure from one side to the other
diathermy -method of treating disease by generating heat in body tissues by high frequency electric currents
dictatorial -domineering
differentiate -tell apart
digress -turn aside; get off the main subject in speaking or writing
dilapidated -failing to pieces
diminish -become less
diminutive -below average size
din -loud noise
disable -make unable or incapable
disaster -sudden or extraordinary misfortune
disband -break up the organization of
disbelieve -refuse to believe
discharge -unload
discipline -train in obedience
disclose -make known
discontent -dissatisfied
discord -lack of agreement or harmony
discredit -refuse to trust
discreet -wisely cautious
discrepancy -difference
disentangle -straighten out
disinclined -unwilling
disintegrate -break into bits
disparage -speak slightingly of
dispassionate -calm
dispel -drive away by scattering
dispensable -not essential
dispense with -do without
disperse -scatter
dispute -argue about
disregard -pay no attention to
disrepair -bad condition
dissension -disagreement in opinion
dissent -differ in opinion
dissident -not agreeing
dissimilar -unlike
dissimilarity -unlikeness
dissolution -act of breaking up into component parts
dissolve -break up; cause to disappear
distinguish -tell apart
distract -draw away (the mind or attention)
divert -turn the attention away
divulge -make known
docile -easily taught
domicile -home
domineering -ruling in an overbearing way
dormant -inactive, as if asleep
dovetail -to fit together with, so as to form a harmonious whole
dowry -money, property, etc., that a bride brings to her husband
draft -enroll into military service
drought -long period of dry weather
dubious -doubtful
dynamic -forceful
economic -having to do with the social science dealing with production, distribution, and consumption
economics -the social science dealing with production, distribution, and consumption
edible -fit for human consumption
edifice -building, especially a large or impressive building
electrocardiogram -tracing showing the amount of electricity the heart muscles produce during the heartbeat
electrocardiograph -instrument that records the amount of electricity the heart muscles produce during the heartbeat
elevation -height
elicit -draw forth
elucidate -make clear
emancipate -set free
embroil -involve in conflict
emigrate -move out of a country or region to settle in another
eminence -a natural elevation
eminent -standing out
enamored -inflamed with love
encyclopedia -work offering alphabetically arranged information on various branches of knowledge
endurance -ability to withstand strain, suffering, or hardship
enduring -lasting
enervate -lessen the vigor or strength of
enfeeble -weaken 68, io
engender -give birth to
engrave -cut or carve on a hard surface
engrossing -take up the whole interest of
enigma -puzzle
enlighten -shed the light of truth and knowledge upon
enmity -hatred
enrage -fill with anger
entail -involve as a necessary consequence
envisage -have a mental picture of, especially in advance of realization
envision -foresee
epicure -person with sensitive or discriminating tastes in food or wine
epidemic -affecting many people in an area at the same time; outbreak of a disease affecting many people at the same time
epidermis -outer layer of the skin
epigram -bright or witty thought concisely and cleverly expressed
epithet -characterizing word or phrase
equanimity -evenness of mind or temper
equilateral -having all sides equal
equitable -fair to all concerned
era -historical period
eradicate -remove by or as if by uprooting
erosion -gradual wearing away
essence -most necessary or significant part, aspect, or feature
essential -necessary
estrange -turn from affection to dislike or enmity
evergreen -having foliage that remains green and functional through more than one growing season
evidence -show
evoke -bring out
excise -cut out
exclude -shut out
exclusive -shutting out, or tending to shut out, others; not shared with others
exclusively -without sharing with others
exempt -released from an obligation to which others are subject
exhibit -show
exonerate -free from blame
expectation -something expected
exploit -heroic act
extemporaneous -composed or spoken without preparation
extract -draw forth
extraction -descent
extracurricular -outside the regular curriculum, or course of study
extraneous -coming from or existing outside
extravagant -outside the bounds of reason; spending lavishly
extremity -very end
extricate -free from difficulties
facetious -given to joking
fallible -capable of error
famish -starve
fancy -imagination
fantastic -based on imagination rather than reason
fantasy -illusory image
favorable -helpful
feat -deed notable especially for courage
feign -give an imitation
fictitious -imaginary; false
fidelity -loyalty
finale -end or final part of a musical composition, opera, play, etc.
financial -having to do with money matters
finis -end
fiscal -having to do with financial matters
fixed -stationary
fleece -deprive or strip of money or belongings by fraud
fleeting -pass rapidly
flimsy -lacking strength or solidity
flinch -draw back involuntarily
flourishing -growing vigorously
fluctuate -flow like a wave
fluent -ready with a flow of words
fluid -substance that flows; not rigid
flux -continuous flow or changing
foe -enemy
foolhardy -foolishly adventurous and bold
forcible -showing force
forearm -part of the arm from the wrist to the elbow
forebear -ancestor
foreboding -feeling beforehand of coming trouble
forecast -predict
forefather -ancestor
forefront -foremost place or part
foregoing -preceding
foremost -standing at the front
foreshadow -indicate beforehand
foresight -power of seeing beforehand what is likely to happen
foreword -introduction at the beginning of a book
forfeit -lose or have to give up as a penalty for some error, neglect, or fault
forlorn -deserted
formidable -exciting fear by reason of strength, size, difficulty, etc.
forte -strong point
forthcoming -about to appear
fortitude -courage in facing danger, hardship, or pain
fragile -easily broken; breakable
frail -not very strong
frailty -weakness
frank -free and forthright in expressing one's feelings and opinions
friction -conflict of ideas between persons or parties of opposing views
frugal -barely enough; avoiding waste
frustrate -bring to nothing
fusion -joining together
galore -plentiful
gamut -entire range of anything from one extreme to another
gastronome -a lover and expert judge of excellence in food and drink
gastronomy -art or science of good eating
genealogy -history of the descent of a person or family from an ancestor
generate -bring into existence
genesis -birth or coming into being
genre -category
glutton -greedy cater
gluttonous -greedy in eating
gourmet -expert judge of good food and drink
graphic -written or told in a clear, life-like manner
graphite -soft black carbon used in lead pencils
gratuitous -uncalled for
gregarious -fond of being with others
guile -deceitful slyness
habitual -according to habit
habituated -accustomed
harmony -agreement
haunt -come to mind frequently
heed -pay attention
heedful -careful
heedless -careless
heterogeneous -differing in kind
hibernate -spend the winter
hinder -hold back; obstruct
hindrance -something that obstructs or impedes
hindsight -perception of the significance of an event only after it has happened
board -save and conceal
homogeneous -of the same kind
homogenize -make uniform
homonym -word that sounds like an- other but differs in meaning
horde -great crowd
hospitable -kind to guests and strangers
host -person who receives or entertains a guest or guests; large number
hostile -of or relating to an enemy or enemies; unfriendly
husbandry -agriculture
hypodermic -beneath the skin
hypothesis -supposition or assumption made as a basis for reasoning or research
idle -spend time in idleness
illegible -not able to be read; very hard to read
illiteracy -inability to read and write
illiterate -unable to read and write 1
illogical -not observing the rules of correct reasoning
illuminate -light up
immaculate -spotless
immature -not fully grown or developed
immigrate -move into a foreign country or region as a permanent resident
imminent -about to happen
immoderate -too great
impartial -fair
impatient -not willing to bear delay
impede -block
impediment -obstruction
impel -drive on
impending -threatening to occur soon
imperative -not to be avoided
imperil -endanger
impetuous -impulsive
implicate -show to be part of or connected with
impose -put on as a burden, duty, tax, etc.
impoverish -make very poor
impregnable -incapable of being taken by assault
impromptu -without previous thought or preparation
improvise -compose, recite, or sing on the spur of the moment
improvised -composed, recited, or sung on the spur of the moment
impudent -marked by a bold disregard of others
impugn -call in question
impunity -freedom from punishment, harm, loss, etc.
inaccessible -not able to he reached
inadequate -insufficient
inadvertent -careless
inadvertently -not done on purpose
inappropriate -not fitting
inaudible -incapable of being heard
inborn -born in or with one
incapacitate -render incapable or unfit
incarcerate -put into prison
incense -make extremely angry
incessant -not ceasing
incipient -beginning to show itself
incise -cut into
inclusive -including the limits mentioned
incompatible -not capable of being brought together in harmonious or agreeable relations
inconsistency -lack of agreement or harmony
inconsistent -not in agreement or harmony
incontrovertible -not able to he disputed
incumbent -imposed as a duty
indifference -lack of interest, or dislike
indigence -poverty
indigent -needy
indiscreet -not wisely cautious
indispensable -absolutely necessary
indisputable -unquestionable
indomitable -incapable of being subdued
induct -lead in
inedible -not fit or safe for food
inept -lacking in skill or aptitude
inequitable -unfair
inexhaustible -plentiful enough not to give out or be used up
inextinguishable -unquenchable
infallible -incapable of error
infinite -without ends or limits
infinitesimal -so small as to be almost nothing
infirmity -weakness
infixed -implanted
inflate -swell with air or gas
inflexible -not easily bent
influx -inflow
infraction -breaking (of a law, regulation, etc.)
infrequent -seldom happening or occurring
infringe -violate ill infuriate. fill with rage
ingratitude -state of being not grateful
inherent -belonging by nature
inhibit -hold in check
inhospitable -not showing kindness to guests and strangers
initiate -begin; admit into a club by special ceremonies
inmate -person confined in an institution, prison, hospital, etc.
inordinate -much too great
inscribe -write, engrave, or print to create a lasting record
inscription -something written on a monument, coin, etc.
insignificant -of little importance
insolent -lacking in respect for rank or position
insoluble -not capable of being solved; not capable of being dissolved
insolvent -unable to pay all one's debts
insubordinate -not submitting to authority
insurgent -one who rises in revolt against established authority; rebellious
insurrection -uprising against established authority
integrate -make into a whole
intensify -make more acute
inter -bury
intercede -interfere to reconcile differences
intercept -stop or seize on the way from one place to another
interlinear -inserted between lines already printed or written
interlude -anything filling the time between two events
intermediary -go-between
intermission -pause between periods of activity
intermittent -coming and going at intervals
interscholastic -existing or carried on between schools
intersect -cut by passing through or across
interstate -relating to, including, or connecting two or more states
interurban -between cities or towns
interval -space of time between events or states
intervene -occur between; come between to help settle a quarrel
intimidate -frighten
intractable -not easily governed, managed, or directed
intramural -within the walls or boundaries
intraparty -within a party
intrastate -within a state
intravenous -within or by way of the veins
intrepid -fearless and daring
intricate -not simple or easy
intrinsic -belonging to the essential nature or constitution of a thing
intrude -come or go in without invitation or welcome
inundate -flood
invigorate -give life and energy to
invincible -unconquerable
invoke -call on for help or protection
involve -draw in as a participant
iota -very small quantity
irreconcilable -unable to be brought into friendly record or understanding
irrelevant -off the topic
irrevocable -incapable of being recalled
isolate -set apart from others
isolated -infrequent
isolation -the act or condition of being set apart from others
jeopardize -expose to danger
jeopardy -danger
jolly Roger -pirate's flag
journalist -editor of or writer for a periodical
jurisdiction -territory within which authority may be exercised
kinship -sense of oneness
kleptomania -insane impulse to steal
latent -present but not showing itself
lateral -of or, pertaining to the side
lavish -too free in giving, using, or spending; given or spent too freely
lax -careless
legible -capable of being read
lettered -able to read and write
lineage -descent
literacy -ability to read and write
literal -following the letters or exact words of the original
literary -having to do with letters or literature
literate -able to read and write
litigation -lawsuit
logic -correct reasoning
logical -observing the rules of correct reasoning
loiter -hang around idly
lucid -clear
lucrative -profitable
luminary -famous person
luminous -shining
lurk -be hidden
luscious -delicious
luxurious -extravagantly elegant and comfortable
magnanimous -showing greatness or nobility of mind
magnify -cause to be or look larger
magnitude -size
major -greater
maladjusted -out of harmony with one's environment
maladroit -clumsy
malcontent -discontented person
malediction -curse
malefactor -evildoer
malevolence -ill will
malevolent -showing ill will
malice -ill will
malnutrition -poor nourishment
maltreat -treat badly or roughly
mammoth -of very great size
manacle -handcuff
mandate -territory entrusted to the ad-ministration of another country; authoritative command
mania -madness; excessive fondness
maniac -raving lunatic
maniacal -characterized by madness
manifest -show; plain
manipulate -operate with the hands
manual -small, helpful book capable of being carried in the hand; relating to, or done with, the hands
manuscript -document written by hand, or typewritten
means -wealth
mediate -intervene between conflicting parties or viewpoints to reconcile differences ill
mediator -impartial third party who acts as a go-between in a dispute in order to arrange a peaceful settlement
meditate -consider carefully and for a long time
meek -submissive
meter -device for measuring; 39.37 inches
meticulous -extremely or excessively careful about small details
migrate -move from one place to settle in another; move from one place to another with the change of season
mind -pay attention to
miniature -small
minor -smaller
misbelief -wrong or erroneous belief
mischance -piece of bad luck
misdeed -bad act
misfire -fail to be fired or exploded properly
misgiving -uneasy feeling
mishap -bad happening
mislay -put or lay in an unremembered place
mislead -lead astray
misstep -wrong step
mitigate -make less severe
moderate -make less violent, severe, or intense
modify -make changes in
momentary -lasting only a moment
monetary -having to do with money
monogram -person's initials interwoven or combined into one design
monograph -written account of a single thing or class of things
multilateral -having many sides
multitude -crowd
municipal -of a city or town
mutinous -rebellious
native -person born in a particular place; born or originating in a particular place
necessitate -make necessary
neglect -give little or no attention to; lack of proper care or attention
negligence -carelessness
nemesis -person that inflicts just punishment for evil deeds; formidable and usually victorious opponent
nomad -member of a tribe that has no fixed home but wanders from place to place
nomadic -roaming from place to place
notable -standing out
noteworthy -remarkable
notwithstanding -in spite of
novice -one who is new to a field or activity
objective -goal; involving facts, rather than personal feelings or opinions
obligatory -required
oblige -compel
obliterate -remove all traces of
obscure -not clear
obsess -trouble the mind of
obstacle -something standing in the way
obstinate -stubborn
obstruct -be in the way of
obtrude -thrust forward without being asked
obviate -make unnecessary
odometer -instrument attached to a vehicle for measuring the distance traversed
offhand -without previous thought or preparation
onomatopoeia -use of words whose sound suggests their meaning
opaque -not letting light through
openhanded -generous in giving
opinionated -unduly attached to one's own opinion
opponent -person who opposes another person or thing
opulence -wealth
opulent -wealthy
original -a work created firsthand and from which copies are made; belonging to the beginning
originate -begin
orthodontics -branch of dentistry dealing with the straightening and adjusting of teeth
orthodontist -dentist specializing in the straightening and adjusting of teeth
orthodox -generally accepted, especially in religion
orthography -correct spelling
orthopedic -having to do with the correction and prevention of deformities, especially in children
orthopedics -the science dealing with the correction and prevention of deformities, especially in children
orthopedist -physician specializing in the correction and prevention of deformities, especially in children
outlandish -looking or sounding as if it belongs to a foreign land
outlast -last longer than
outlive -live longer than
outlook -a looking beyond
output -a yield or product
outrun -run faster than
outspoken -speaking out freely or boldly
outweigh -exceed in weight, value, or importance
outwit -get the better of by being more clever
overawe -subdue by awe
overbearing -domineering over others
overburden -place too heavy a load on
overhasty -too hasty
overpower -overcome by superior force
overshadow -cast a shadow over
overstep -exceed
oversupply -too great a supply
overt -open to view
overtax -put too great a burden or strain on
overvalue -set too high a value on
overwhelm -overpower
pendant -hanging ornament
pending -waiting to be settled; until
penetrate -pass into or through
perceive -become aware of through the senses
perennial -continuing through the years; plant that lives through the years
perforate -make a hole or holes through
peril -exposure to injury, loss, or destruction
perimeter -the whole outer boundary of a body or area
periodic -happening repeatedly
permeate -pass through
perplex -confuse thoroughly
persevere -keep at something in spite of difficulties or opposition
persist -continue in spite of opposition; continue to exist
pertinent -connected with the matter under consideration
perturb -disturb thoroughly or considerably
perverse -obstinate (in opposing what is right or reasonable)
petty -small and of no importance
phantom -something that has appearance but no reality
phenomenal -extraordinary
phenomenon -any observable fact or event; extraordinary person or thing
photometer -instrument for measuring intensity of light
picayune -concerned with trifling matters
pilfer -steal (in small amounts)
pittance -small amount
pliable -easily bent or influenced
pluck -courage
plucky -courageous
plutocracy -government, or country governed, by the rich
portal -door; entrance
postdate -assign a date after the true date
postgraduate -having to do with study after graduation from high school or college
post meridian -after noon
postmortem -thorough examination of a body after death
potential -capable of becoming real
precise -very exact
preclude -put a barrier before
precocious -showing mature characteristics at an early age
preconceive -form an opinion of beforehand, without adequate evidence
prefabricate -construct beforehand
preface -introduction; introduce with a foreword
premature -before the proper or usual time
premeditate -consider beforehand
prerequisite -something required beforehand
prescribe -order; order as a remedy
presentiment -feeling that something will, or is about to, happen
presently -in a short time
pressing -requiring immediate attention
presume -take for granted without proof
preview -view of something before it is shown to the public
pro -in favor of; favorable argument ill
procrastinate -put things off
prodigious -extraordinary in size, quantity, or extent
prodigy -extraordinary person or thing
professional -one who engages in a pursuit or activity for gain
proficient -well advanced in any subject or occupation
profuse -pouring forth freely
progenitor -ancestor to whom a group traces its birth
project -throw or cast forward
prologue -introduction
prominent -readily noticeable
prompt, -on time
propel -drive onward
prophecy -prediction
prophesy -predict
proponent -person who puts forth a proposal or argues in favor of something
prospect -thing looked forward to
protagonist -the leading character in a play, novel, or story
protocol -first draft or record from which a treaty is drawn up; rules of etiquette of the diplomatic corps, military services, etc.
protoplasm -fundamental substance of which all living things are composed
prototype -first or original model of anything
protozoan -animal consisting only of a single cell
protract -draw out
protrude -thrust forth
province -proper business or duty
provisional -serving for the time being
provoke -call forth; make angry
prudence -skill and good sense in taking care of oneself or of one's affairs
prudent -shrewd in the management of practical affairs
pseudonym -fictitious name used by an author
punctual -on time
puncture -make a hole with a pointed object
puny -slight or inferior in size, power, or importance
pyromania -insane impulse to set fires
palatable -agreeable to the taste
panacea -remedy for all ills
Pan-American -of or pertaining to all the countries of North, South, and Central America
pandemonium -wild uproar
panoply -complete suit of armor
panorama -complete, unobstructed view
pantomime -dramatic performance that is all signs and gestures without words
parallel -running alongside
passionate -showing strong feeling
pecuniary -having to do with money
pedagogue -teacher of children
pedagogy -art of teaching
pediatrician -physician specializing in the treatment of babies and children
pediatrics -the branch of medicine dealing with the care, development, and diseases of babies and children
pedigree -ancestral line
quadrilateral -plane figure having four sides and four angles
que-h -put out; satisfy
questionable -not certain
quintet -group of five
rabble-rouser -one who stirs up the people, especially to hatred or violence
rampart -broad bank or wall used as a fortification or protective barrier
ransack -search thoroughly
rarity -something uncommon, infrequent, or rare
rash -taking too much risk
rational -having reason or understanding
raze -tear down; destroy
rebel -one who opposes or takes arms against the government or ruler
rebuke -express disapproval of
reckless -foolishly bold
recoil -draw back because of fear
reconcilable -able to be brought into friendly accord
reconcile -cause to be friends again
recurrent -returning from time to time
redound -flow back as a result
redundant -exceeding what is necessary
reflect -think carefully
reflection -thought; blame
refrain -hold oneself back
regenerate -cause to be born again
release -give up
relent -become less harsh, severe, or strict
relevant -having something to do with the case being considered
relinquish -give up
remiss -careless
repair -good or sound condition
repress -hold back
reprimand -criticize severely
reproach -blame
reprove -scold
repugnance -deep-rooted dislike
reserved -restrained in speech or action
resist -oppose
resolution -solving
resolve -break up
resources -available means
restrain -hold back
restrained -without excess or extravagance
restrict -keep within bounds
resume -begin again
retain -keep
retract -draw back
reveal -make known
reverse -turn completely about; defeat
revise -look at again to correct errors and make improvements
revocable -capable of being recalled
revoke -cancel
rigid -lacking flexibility
robust -strong and vigorously healthy
rummage -search thoroughly by turning over all the contents
rural -having to do with the country
savory -pleasing to the taste or smell
scanty -barely enough
scorn -hold in contempt
scribe -person who writes
script -written text of a play, speech, etc.
scrupulous -having painstaking regard for what is right
scrutinize -examine closely
seasoning -something added to food to enhance its flavor
secede -withdraw from an organization or federation
secession -withdrawal from an organization or federation
seclude -shut up apart from others
seclusion -condition of being hidden from sight
secure -free from care, fear, or worry; safe against loss, attack, or danger
security -safety
sedition -speech, writing, or action seeking to overthrow the government
segregate -separate from the main body
segregation -separation from the main body
semiannual -occurring every half year, or twice a year
semicircle -half of a circle
semiconscious -half conscious
semidetached -sharing a wall with an adjoining building on one side, but detached on the other
semimonthly -occurring every half month, or twice a month
semiskilled -partly skilled
semiyearly -occurring twice a year
shallow -not deep
shrewd -clever
shrink -draw back
similarity -likeness
simile -comparison of two different things introduced by "like" or '@as"
simulate -give the appearance of
simultaneous -existing or happening at the same time
simultaneously -at the same time
slake -bring (thirst) to an end through refreshing drink
slipshod -very careless
slovenly -negligent of neatness or order in one's dress, habits, work, etc.
sluggish -slow and inactive in movement
sober -not drunk; serious
sojourn -temporary stay
sole -one and only
solely -undividedly
solicitude -anxious or excessive care
soliloquy -speech made to oneself when alone
solitary -being or living alone
solitude -condition of being alone
solo -musical composition (or anything) performed by a single person
soluble -capable of being dissolved or made into a liquid; solvable
solvent -substance, usually liquid, able to dissolve another substance; able to pay all one's legal debts
sparing -tending to save
specter -ghost
speedometer -instrument for measuring speed
sphere -field of influence
sporadic -occurring occasionally or in scattered instances
stability -firmness
stable -enduring; not changing
stamina -endurance
stealthy -secret in action or character
stenographer -person employed chiefly to take and transcribe dictation
stenography -the art of writing in short-hand
strife -bitter conflict
stronghold -fortified place
sturdy -strong and vigorous
subjective -involving personal feelings or opinions, rather than facts
submissive -meek
submit -yield to another's will, authority, or power
subscriber -one who writes his name at the end of a document, thereby indicating his approval
subsequently -later
substantiate -provide evidence for
succulent -full of juice
suffice -be enough
sumptuous -involving large expense
superabundance -excessive abundance
superfluous -beyond what is necessary or desirable
superimpose -put on top of or over
supplement -something that makes an addition
supplementary -additional
surmount -conquer
surplus -excess
survive -live longer than
suspend -hang by attaching to something; stop temporarily
suspense -mental uncertainty
swamp -flood
swarm -great crowd
swindle -cheat
symmetry -correspondence in measurements, shape, etc., on opposite sides of a dividing line
synchronize -cause to agree in time
synonym -word having the same meaning as another word
synthesis -combination of parts or elements into a whole
synthetic -artificially made
tachometer -instrument for measuring speed
tally -match
taxidermist -one who prepares, stuffs, and mounts the skins of animals in lifelike form
taxidermy -the art of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins of animals in lifelike form
technocracy -government, or country governed, by technical experts
teem -be present in large quantity
temporary -lasting a short time only
tenacious -holding fast or tending to hold fast
tentative -not final
thermal -pertaining to heat
thermonuclear -having to do with the fusion, at an extraordinarily high temperature, of the nuclei of atoms
thermostat -automatic device for regulating temperature
thesis -claim put forward; essay written by a candidate for a college degree
thrifty -inclined to save
thriving -growing vigorously
throng -great crowd
timid -lacking courage or self-confidence
timorous -full of fear
tolerate -endure
toxin -poison
tractable -easily controlled, led, or taught
transgress -go beyond the set limits of
transient -not lasting; visitor or guest staying for only a short time
translucent -letting light through
transpose -change the relative order of
traverse -pass across, over, or through
trepidation -nervous agitation
trespass -encroach on another's rights, privileges, property, etc.
trustworthy -worthy of confidence
tuition -payment for instruction
typographical -pertaining to or occur-ring in printing
typography -use of type for printing
tyrannical -domineering
tyro -beginner
unabridged -not made shorter
unanimity -complete agreement
unanimous -in complete accord
unbiased -not prejudiced in favor of or against
uncommunicative -not inclined to talk
unconcern -lack of concern, anxiety, or interest
undeceive -free from deception or mistaken ideas
underbrush -shrubs, bushes, etc., growing beneath large trees in a wood
underdeveloped -insufficiently developed because of a lack of capital and trained personnel for exploiting natural resources
undergraduate -student in a college or university who has not yet earned his first degree
underhand -marked by secrecy and deception
underpayment -insufficient payment
underprivileged -deprived through social or economic oppression of some of the fundamental rights supposed to be-long to all
underscore -draw a line beneath
undersell -sell at a lower price than
undersigned -person or persons who sign at the end of a letter or document
understatement -restrained statement in mocking contrast to what might be said
understudy -one who "studies under" and learns the part of a regular per-former so as to be his substitute if necessary
ungag -remove a gag from
unilateral -one-sided
unmindful -careless
unnerve -deprive of nerve or courage
unorthodox -not in accord with accepted, standard, or approved belief or practice
unpalatable -unpleasant to the taste
unquenchable -not capable of being satisfied
unravel -solve
unruly -not yielding readily to rule or restraint
unscramble -restore to intelligible form
unscrupulous -lacking moral principles
unshackle -set free from restraint
unsubstantial -lacking firmness, strength, or substance
untimely -before the proper time
unwarranted -uncalled for
unwary -not alert
unyielding -firm and determined
upcoming -being in the near future
update -bring up to date
upgrade -raise the grade or quality of
upheaval -violent heaving up
upkeep -maintenance
upright -standing up straight on the feet
uproar -noisy commotion
uproot -pull up by the roots
upset -overturn
upstart -person who has suddenly risen to wealth and power, especially if he is conceited and unpleasant
upturn -upward turn toward better conditions
urban -having to do with cities or towns
usher in -preface; introduce
vacant -empty
valiant -courageous
valor -courage
valorous -courageous
vanguard -troops moving at the head of an army
at variance -in disagreement
variation -change in form, position, or condition
vehement -showing strong feeling
velocity -speed
veracity -truthfulness
verdict -decision of a jury
verify -prove to be true
veritable -true
verity -truth
versatile -capable of doing many things well
version -account from a particular point of view; translation
vicinity -neighborhood
video -having to do with the transmission or reception of what is seen
vie -strive for superiority
vigilance -alert watchfulness to discover and avoid danger
vigilant -alertly watchful, especially to avoid danger
vigor -active strength or force
visibility -degree of clearness of the atmosphere, with reference to the distance at which objects can be clearly seen
visual -having to-do with sight
vocation -occupation
volition -act of willing or choosing
voracious -having a huge appetite
wary -on one's guard against danger, deception, etc.
wayward -following one's own and usually improper way
wince -draw back involuntarily
withdraw -take or draw back or away
withdrawal -act of taking back or drawing out from a place of deposit
withdrawn -drawn back or removed from easy approach
withhold -hold back
withholding tax -sum withheld or deducted from wages for tax purposes
withstand -stand up against
witty -cleverly amusing in speech or writing
wrangle -quarrel noisily

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