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as'Buck' Brummel. Later, under the patron- age of the Prince Regent, Beau Brummel set the stage for the aristocratic gentleman's bearing and manners. He dressed simply and plainly, in subtle colours, with unobtrusive ornamentation but with exquisite care and attention to detail; he became the arbiter of the correct way to tie a cravat. Typical of his attire was the blue tail coat with brass buttons, worn over a fawn waistcoat and accompanied by white or light-coloured buckskin pantaloons and black Hessian boots. His evening dress had a white waistcoat and blue stockinet pantaloons strapped over black slippers. He certainly helped to popularize the wearing of trousers instead of knee breeches. In his late thirties his gambling and extravagance took him heavily into debt and, losing the support of his patron, he fled to Calais in 1816 to escape his creditors. In his last years in France his appearance was in marked contrast to that of his salad days and was slovenly and dirty. He died destitute in 1840. The dandy of the later nineteenth century was known in England as a 'Masher' or a 'Piccadilly Johnny'. Denim The name derives from serge de Nimes, a serge fabric which was made in that region in the south of France. Present-day denim is a twill weave washable material with a white weft and coloured warp threads. Though generally in use for jeans and overalls, it has now become a more fashion- able fabric and is made up into suits and dresses.

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