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Fabrics Sateen
A fabric resembling satin in its glossy face or silk or rayon but the major part of it of cotton or wool. A strong durable material used widely for linings. Satin A silk or rayon fabric, worn for hundreds of years, of close texture with a glossy face and dull back. The smooth, glossy surface is produced by finishing the fabric between heated rollers. Many varieties and qualities of satin have been made over the centuries; these include:

Antique - a white satin woven to resemble an old material which has turned parch- ment-colour with the passing of time.

Crdpe-back - a satin finished with a crepe back and satin-finished face so that the material can be used on either side.

Damask - a satin patterned in a floral, arabesque design.

De chine - satin de chine was the early European term for this lustrous silk fabric because it was originally made in China and came to Europe in the early Middle Ages.

De lyon - a ribbed-back satin.

Duchesse - a heavy, firm, exceptionally soft and lustrous satin.

Farmer's - a cotton and worsted backing but lustrous face. Fontange - a satin with broad stripes of white and colour.

Foulard - a satin patterned with spots or stripes.

Jean - twilled-back satin.

Merveilleux - a soft, twilled satin.

Pompadour - a white satin embroidered with floral sprays in colour. Satinesco - a poor quality satin.

Satinet - a lightweight satin.

Skinner's - an American fabric of the late nineteenth century.

Slipper - strong, durable, closely-woven satin with a dull back and semi-glossy surface.

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