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Bag Stockings
Suggested Fabrics:
1 yard lightweight wool, light-weight cotton or wool knits, plain or wide stripes
thread, felt tip marker, old newspaper
Make paper patterns as per instructions. Read all directions before starting. You MUST make your own individual pattern.

Making your pattern:

1. Sit on floor barefoot; extend one leg straight. bring the leg to be traced into a crossed position on paper in front of you & point toe. Holding felt-tip marker vertical, trace outline of leg from knee, around foot, to back of knee.

2. Measure around calf at largest point. Record 31 of measurement here C - (i.e. if measurement - 17", then C - 83@ #I.)

3. While standing, measure from top of ankle around bottom back of heel and back to starting point of tape. Record @ of measurement here A -

4. Working on your outline from step #1, measure from back of largest part of calf across & beyond out- line a distance equal to C from step #2. Make a heavy mark.

5. Again working on your outline from step #1, measure from back of heel across ankle & beyond outline a distance equal to A from step #3. Make a heavy mark.

6. Use a yardstick and draw a straight line through these marks. Mark this line #6.

7. With outline on floor, place opposite foot on outline lining up back of heel with line indicating back of heel. Position foot so that big toe touches line #6. On line #6 make a mark at the end of big toe.

8. Draw a 1" line from toe mark on line #6 down toward bottom of foot. Starting behind heel, draw a line through bottom of heel, extending through bottom of 1" mark. Mark this line #8.

9. Measure around widest part of foot (behind toes). Record of measurement here F -

10. Measure from toe mark to back of heel. Calculate 2/3rds of this measurement Make a mark on line #8 that distance from toe mark. (Mark will be nearer to heel than to toe.-)

11. At the mark from step #10, draw a line straight up a distance equal to measurement F in step #9. Mark this line #11.

12. Use a large juice can to draw a curve connecting line 08 to toe mark an line #6.

13. Starting at point where curve touches line #8 draw a line connecting to the end of line #11. Mark this line #13.

14. To be sure sock will reach the knee, or slightly above, extend the calf line an the outline.

15. Add 114" seam allowance all along calf line & around heel to starting point of line #11.

16. Cut out pattern along line #6, around curve to line #13, along #13, down #11 and back up seam allowance line. Mark line #6 as FOLD.

17. To make sole pattern, add lz" to measurement F & record here X Measure from point of toe to top of notch above instep on sock pattern, add and record here y = Cut a paper rectangle to these sizes. Using these measurements, cut a rectangle from paper.

18. Use a salad bowl or 1 pound mar- garine tub (approximately 6@" in diameter) to draw a quarter circle on pattern as in diagram. Cut along curve. Mark long edge as FOLD. Pattern completed.

Construction: (Stocking)

1. IMPORTANT. If using wool, fold for sock MUST be made on diagonal (bias) to get maximum stretch. This Is not necessary for knit fabric where stripes or patterns may be positioned as desired.

2. Pin SOCK pattern to folded fabric & cut out.

3. Fold fabric lengthwise, pin SOLE pattern to fabric & cut out.

4. If fabric has a right & wrong side, read step #5 NOW to get correct --s-ides together before seaming. Starting at top of calf & leaving only '.z" seam allowance, seam down calf & around heel.

5. Depending on wearer's preference, (a) Seam with wrong sides to- gether. Trim seam allowance and overcast or embroider seam. OR (b) Seam with right sides to- gether. Turn right side out & press seam.

6. Match center back of sole & heel seam of sock, lapping sock edge 1401 over sole edge. ' Stitch straight line across bottom of heel front. Stretch fabric as you stitch to avoid gathering.

7. Continuing to lap sock @" over sole, stitch from heel to start of toe curve. Repeat with other side of sole.

8. Stitch around toe, gathering sole to fit ungathered sock portion.

9. Try for fit. Poor fit is histor- really accurate for all but the wealthy! If necessary, adjust foot length by altering seam at curve of toe.

10. Reinforce seam by..continuous stitching around entire sole. You have just completed your first bag sock.' Tell the world how great you are at the top of your lungs!

11. Humbly repeat construction steps #2 through #10 to make second sock.

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