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The Binder Feet
The Multiple Slotted Binder

The BINDER is used with the Aftaclhrnent Foot. Attach Binder to Foot as instruct@eci on page 5. This The Multiple Slotted Binder is designed for producing various widths of bound edges, and the possibilities cl desirable results are practically limitless.

Five slots of varying sizes are arranged in the Binder Scroll for the purpose of carrying commercial single fold bindings of as many direrent widths, ranging in size from 1 to 5

The single fold commercial bimdings' must be used in the slots of th$ Binder and it is well to note before entering them that The widest half of fold in binding must be the lower half. The best qualities. of cornmercial binding are thus folded to insure suf@'ic;enf binding when curved edges are encountered.

Select width of binding desired and clip the end to a decided point so fhat if can easily be drawn through the slot in Binder designed for ifs use. It can more easily be drawn to the needle by usin a long, strong pin. Now stitch for a few inches to determine The setting of Binder at the edge of binding.

After Binder has been properly adiuoed to stitch where desired, enter the material to be bound between the halves of Binder scroll. Keep the material being bound well 'into the Binder ,close to the needle. a point to be considered especially on small scailops or curved edg'es. Us6 the f" finger of the left hand this work and note how simply a curve can be bound while the finger rests on the apron of.,Binder.

Bias Cut Bindings

When it is desired to, do binding with strips cut from any special fabric, the cuffing of the material must be done on a true bias.

To make a true bias, fold rnaterial so that the cross meets the selvedge or length and cut on the fold. If fabric is firmly woven like chambray or gi ngharn@ binding should measure )5116 inch wide when cut. If material is sheer and stretches easily it should be cut wider. It is a simple rnafter to determine correct width by experimenting.

Join binding strips by meeting the selvedge edges together or rnectin the cross edges. Joining bindi'ngs fhus insures a correct grain through the entire binding. Press seams and clip them ofF very close to stitching.

The bias material which has been prepared as described above can now be inserted in the Binder. Cut end of binding to a decided point and enter it through open mouth of Binder scroll helping it through and to the needle by using a long strong pin.

Both upper and under ed 05 of binding will be turned and stitched over edge of fabric (being gound) in one operation.

After Binder has been properly adjusted to stifch as close to the edge as desired, insert the material to be bound. As previously instructed the material being bound is entered between the two halves of Binder scroll.

Proceed with stitching and note how both upper and under edges of binding are turned in over fabric being bound. A study of the above give a clear understanding@of this operation.

Three Tone Binding

Illustration above shows in detail the simultaneous use of three diff colored bindings answering the need for a trim and finish thaf is reve

The bindings used for this net cascade are sizes 1, 3 and 5. Size 1 binding @s entered in siot 1 first, size 3 second and size 5 last.' Bindings 5 and 3 show as a double piping while size' 1 encloses and holds the material being piped as well as both pipingg. The rnaterial thus trimmed is entered between the scrolls of the Binder and guided well into the scroll with the left hand.

Two tone bindings are also very attractive and offer wide possibilities in the choice of color and size. When combining bindings always elimi- nate a size between each width being used. For example: sizes 1 and 3, sizes 2and 4 or sizes 3 and 5 will work very satisfactorily.

Binding as a Trimming

Now that dainty narrow bindings can be applied with a minimum of effort one will desire to trim with bindings where successive rows- of trimmings are featured.

After deciding upon the width of binding to be used enter if into the sict in Binder designed to carry it.

The garment to be trimmed is placed under the, Binder and the outer or ir@ner edge of Binder can be used as a space guide bef"en each row of binding as it is being stitched.

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