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The Cloth Guide

This Attachment is designed as a guide to straight stitching when making wide hems, deep tucks or seam widths when greater than presser foot allowance.

It is also a time saver when materials being joined require that each have a different width of seam. For example, lined draperies should have the lining extended to edge of fabric when material has been pressed back to enclose it. Thearfore if edge of drapery lining is placed against Cloth G wfien; set l 1/4 inches from needle of machine and drapery fabric searnecf it with a 1/4 inch seam (usually the width of one side of presse-r foot) the result wif be correctly lined drapes with no light streaks running through to fade delicate color.

Attach Cloth Guide to machine by placing, the slot over a screw hole on machine bed, adjust to position desired and fasfen firmly using bed plate thumb screw.

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