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The Edgestitcher Foot

Like the large Hemmers and the Binder, the EDGESTITCHING ATTACHMENT is fastened to machine in connection with the Atfachment Foot. Instructions for same w.iii be found on page 5.

The different slots, numbered from 1 to 5 in illustration, serve as guides for sewing together lace insertions and embroidery, or lace edges and banded materials.

Slots Nos. 1 and 4 are used for sewing lace insertions, lace and em- broidery or lace and fucked, strips together.

When a wide piping 'is desired. the piping is inserted in Slot No. 3, and the edge to be piped in Slot No@ 4. If a narrow piping is desired, the piping is inserted in Slot No. 3 avid the edge to be piped in Slot No. 2.

Slot No. 5 may be used as a guide to French seaming.

When using folded tape to finish underwear, children's clothes' a prons, etc., tbe fa'pe is placed in Slot No. 1 and the garment in Slot No. 5. 7

The EDGESTITCHER is very useful in trimming articles of cio-fbing@ by, joining rows of lace insertion. alternate rows of lace, ernbr&idery and insertions, or alternate rows of lace insertion and strips of,,tucking.

In joining lace to edge of material, be sure to eveni'y crease over edge of material before inserting it in No. 1 Slof, since This is the upper or finished side of the work. The lace to be joined will be carried through Slof No. 4.

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