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The Gathering Foot

A boon to the sewer wherever gathers are being used on a single thickness of material, or as a trimming.

Substitute the Gathering Foot for the sewing foot.

Material textures set the scale for the type of shirring, while length of stitch and tensions control the fullness of gathers.

For fine gathers set the machine stitch for regular sewing. set tensions snug.

Lengthen the stitch for a greater amount of fullness. Check fullness and appearance of gathers on a scrap of self material to determine your requirement.

One of the newest and very well liked Sewing Machine trimrnings is the dainty smocking obtained when using the Gathering Foot. Rows of shirring are held firmly by a strand of DMC floss entered through +he needle hole of Gathering Foot and stitched to material while it is being gathered.

Illustration above shows Quilter being used for accurate spacing.

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