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Quilting Foot

So much depends upon accuracy in stitching especially when successive rows are used for trimminxg. The QUILTER will act as an accurate guide for any stitching that is spaced wider apart then the presser foot allows.

For genuine quilting over wadding the Quilter Guide has no equal. Place as many pieces of wadding over the wrong side of quilt as desired, place a piece of cheese cloth over the whole to insure an even pucker so desirable on cornfortables or quilts. Set the machine stitch fairly long and keep the wrong side of quilt uppermost.

Use the Attachment Holder Foot for quilting in place of regular presser foot.

Free thurnb screw on machine and fit forked holder on Quilter Guide between thumb screw and foot, from the rear. Set forked holder at the angle desired, so that guide does not rest too heavily on work being quilted, and tighten thumb screw.

Quilter Guide is adjustable in the forked holder and can be set at any desired space from previous row of stitching as shown in illustration.

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