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Scissors Cutting Gauge

This Gauge fits on the point of the scissors as illustrated

The Cuffing Gauge is used to cut materials into bias bands after folding it on the bias and cutting through on the fold.

Binding that is cut to be with the Binder should be 7/8 inch wide if cut of materals of firm, closely woven texture. loosely woven materials with more stretchiness should be cut from 1 to 1 1/4 inches wide.

The blue spring on the Cuffing Gauge should be set to the desired width of binding (see first illustration).

Insert bias material between the blades of the Gauge with edge of material against blue spring (see second illustration). Cut with short, even clips.

Join bias strips by meeting the right sides of material and laying the length, or warp ends, across each otber with the Points Projecting the same width of seam desired. Start stitching at angle, on grain of material. finishing at angle on otber side of binding. Press seam open and trim seam's edge close to line of stitching.

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