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The Tucker Foot

Substitute TUCKER for presser foot. See that needle passes through center of doodle hole in foot of Tucker. Adjust and tighten screw.

To regulate the width of tuck, loosen Screw "A", take lever "B" between fingers and adjust Guide "C" until it is over the desired figure. To regulate the space between the tucks, adjust Blade "D". Tighten screw firmly after adjusting.

If the Tucker is set at 2 for tuck, and at 2 for space, the result will he 1/4 inch tucks with no space between. If set at 2 and 3, the tucks will he 1/4 inch wide with 1/4 inch space between.

After attaching Tucker to presser bar, and adjusting it for width of tuck and space desired, proceed to make first fold in your material by hand, and crease it carefully its entire length. After creasing first fold in material, insert it in the Tucker, from the left, between smoother and blade, with the portion of material to be tucked uppermost. Lower the presser bar and proceed to sew, keeping the crease against the guide.

When the tuck is finished, flatten if away from the crease just marked so thet it lies in the proper direction. Next, crease the material along the line made by the marker and proceed in the same manner as above for the next tuck, but this time catch the edge of the first fun under the hook just in front of the marker. It is unnecessary to guide the cloth, as the Tucker does this unaided.

When making the last tuck, lift the operating lever "F" up out of the way of The needle clamp in order that no mark may be made where a mark is not desired.

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