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Decorating you clothes

Trimming your garb with some or many kinds of material, can be a strip of contrasting fabric or a band of tablet or other woven cloth or trim. You can buy it at any sewing store and many SCA events. If you feel up to it and have the time, patience and/or skills you can embroider your garment in whichever arias you like, but this will take time though when done it will stop a room when you walk in. Embroider with gold or do blackwork, black thread on white cloth.

Useing furs as a triming material goes way back and can look very stunning. It is easy to sew on and the pay off for doing it is great. I would urge you however to sew the fur to a strip of twill tape and sew the tap to the garment by hand, so when you want to wash the garment the fur can be remooved and sewn back on after the washing.

Trimming your garb can be as eassy are sewing a sleeve extention or cuff of a contrasting fabric on your T-Tunic. Though if you have sewn it with a seam arounf the fore-arm you can hide that seam with some commercial trim, sew it on over the seam befor you sew the sleeve closed, while it is still flat. then sew the ends of the trim into the under arm seam.





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