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Building a space ship will introduce many chalenges which frankly Earthlings are not yet ready to face.


So how do you go about building space ships. Well building ships on a planed is alright if your only building small craft, but I'm talking about huge ships and the primary dificulty of building on a planet is getting it off the planet when it's done. Even if parts of a bigger ship are built planetside and shot up to orbit and assambled there

In space

How to Build

What are space ship made of? They are built of many different materials. What do you need to think about when your building a space ship, well you need air, water, food, living and work space, propultion, navigation, You don't want to make a shipe that is too massive for your engines. For while it's true that it is weghtless in space it still has mass and that is what you need to change the momentum and velocity of when you get it moving kinds of materials metals, organics, plastics, hybreads Were great heat is a mater ceramics are used One of my friends has a ship with wood floors but most of the shipe is polymer construction, it's not a big ship, about half a kilometer long and a donzen deacks it's a real beauty.

Growing a Ship

You will find, in time, that the best way to build really big ships is to grow them in space. This is may favorite way. This isn't growing like the way a plant or animal grows but like the way a crystal can be grown. Growing crystals in space, with the reduced efects of gravity, can give you a great deal of controle over how and what that crystal forms in to.

Now imagine a world with a big promlem, let's say this world is over populated and it is growing, and to get were they are now they have had to polut their atmosphear. So there are many hydrocarbons traped high in the atmosphear. Then a technology is refined which can take the extra carbon and hydrogen from the high atmosphear and more which can break-down ground ozone and replenish the high ozone. Well then you have these machines which are giving you minllions of tons of carbon and hydrogen, just what you need to make plastics. Whith this you can feed these in to another system which makes long, very long, hydrocarbon chains

These space ships made of long hydrocarbon plastics are strong, impact resistant, durable, resiliant, light and they can be huge. many are several kilometers long. Space stations bigger and ring citeis can grown this way whithout waisting valuable matalic resorces.

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