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Life in Space
      Space is a very dangerous palce, living in outerspace is a very dangerous thing, it is not easy, but it can be done and as long as your careful it can be done for longtimes and reletively safely

Some things do live in space, but these are vast things and old.

Nothing like us "lives" in space, without protection.

Now there are many other planets out there that have life on them and ...

I like Aliens many of my best friends are aliens. It conserns me that a lot of the people I meet seem to be of the opinion the the aliens are not friendly, most aliens don't really care about Earthlings and what they do. I can assure you that a supper evolved speices capable of space travel is not going to waist it's time and efforts comming to the earth to mutilate a few cows in the middle of the night.

Aliens are things (people) from away. they may not be known to us now but they could be soon

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