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      As nice an idea as Recycling may be it really has to be seen as a third stage, in a system were reuse and reduse are far more practicle. The three "R"s are a good start but not enough, they are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and though most people are quite content to recycle, it is not enough, yyou can have a far more signifigant affect on the health of your environment by reducing what you use and reuseing what you do. It takes energy and material to make, for example, a botle. and it takes more energy to recycle it into somthing else if it can be remade into some other thing, now plastic bottles are made of petrolium and cannot be remade into another food container so it is often remade into some other plastic thing. In the case of a glass container it is made mostly from silica sand, once made it can easilly be cleaned with a minimum of energy and is safe for food stuffs over and over again. if broken id can easily be melted down and reformed with a minimum lose of the glass volume. reuseing the glass container uses les energy, lasts longer, and is saffer because glass can be better cleaned than plastic. This is just one example of reuse over recycling being better.

On the Earth we live in a fairly closed system. nothing is coming in to give us more of something we may need or want. All the resources will will ever have here are already here. In space we'll be in smaller closed systems though there will be resources out there to get but not everything we'll need is just lieing there begging to be used. So it will need to be processed. We don't know haow to do that yet.

In the future it will be vital reduce and reuse the finite quantities of resources available to us.

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2005 December 28