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Space Ships
Space Ships are mavelous things, they are such incredably useful things. why whith a space ship you can travel from your home planet to the neiboring planets. And with the right propultion systems you can travel to neibooring solar systems and beyond.


Constructing Space Ships

Constructing SpaceShips is not an easy task. though there are many way of building huge ships in orbit and even in space between the stars. Although it is much easier to build in a solar system. Astaroids can be mined and ... One of my favoured methods of constructing Space ships is to grow them, yes grow them. not like plants but like crystals. You can grow a huge, and organic looking ship, from a plastic base, or seed, and by guiding the way this crystal grows you can get a very strong ship. Remember that diamonds are very strong crystals made from soft coal or graphite. Like diamonds the base element you need for plastics is carbon, and if you are building your ship in orbit of a planet with too much carbon in its atmosphear, you can harvest that carbon. Providing you have the technology to extract the carbon from. let's say exsess carbondioxide in the atmosphear and the ability to recombine it with other ellement in the ways needed to grow hugely long carbon chains. well you're building dozens, or hundreds of ship in orbit ofer your planed and you're cleaning up a lot of the polution too

Another bit of cusial technology you will need is high temperature superconductors. and you can grow long continuous carbon chains which are superconducting

Optical technology comes in handy too.

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