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It always makes me laugh when in the movies like Star Trek and Star Wars when a ship it turning it banks like an air plain does in the atmoshear and in a gravity well. thes things ar not there in space why would they bank??? Babylon 5 does much better when the star furies turn while still on the "forward" vector, they establish a new heading and then either stop and and go the new direction or as is more often done, send out a new thrust which when combined with the momentum of the old vector will result in a new vector of the new heading. On bigger ships this is most often done spining on the axis of travel till the desired direction is above the ship, then pulling "up" towars the new direction till the ship id on its new heading. This has the advantage of never overstreessing the onboard gravity systems, and even in older ships helping because in pulling up you can turn down the gravity on the ship and let your acceleration take on part of all of it as long as your turn is not mor than on gravity.


Many of the plans for moving in space infolve using some other space beyond "normal space" this is usualy called Hyperspace

There are many ways to travel in




Planoforming concept of Cordwainer Smith

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