original photography by Reise?
A picture of
the Bard, (El Barto) Simpson
as seen on a partition wall at Pennsic. Many groups of campers at Pennsic will wall or circle their sites with a fence and a few with a wall but some use sheets of fabric huge between posts. Many times the fabric is bare and/or dirty, but this one group has painted many amusing and historical images on their wall this is only one of them, my favorite.





goes out to all those people who have taken pictures of me and sent me copies, not only do I really appreciate it, I'm sincerely grateful. Without your kindness and help this site would have no colour, You've actually made this site what you see. Also I love that you're documenting my work in your pictures, it's very hard for me to take pictures of myself. Now, PLEASE, if I've used one of your pictures and you want credit, contact me and we'll fix that. Also if there's anyone out there with more pictures you'd like to share, then please contact me as well. Thank You again :o)

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2006 October 16