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Train Operations
There are two kinds of train trafic, Freight and Passenger, and each travels in three types of trains.
Types of Freight Trains
High-priority freights
High-priority freight trains

carry important goods that must reach their destination at a ceoain time, goods such as food or first-class mail. Schedules are fcist with v" little switching

General merchandise freights
General merchandise freight trains

carry almost any kind of non-priority cargo. These trains are often long with many kinds of cars; switching may be done at most yards along the way

Way freights
Way freight trains

switch nearly all spurs and sidings along a route. They relay their cars to main yards where the cars are put on high-priority or general merchandise freights

Types of Passenger Trains
Limited passenger trains

usually feature newer cars and stop only at the most important cities. They will carry few, if any, baggage and mail cars; station stops are short

Accommodation trains
Accommodation passenger trains

stop at most or all cities on a run. They often carry a lot of baggage, mail, and express cars, and some station stops may be long so that these cars can be loaded and unloaded.

Commuter trains
Commuter passenger trains

take people to and from work in a large city. Commuter trains make many stops, but the stops are very short

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