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Why, Why, Why?
Why not!

To some, a personal web page seems like nothing more than a digital ego trip. This may be TRUE, but I think they have greater use than just ego and mental masturbation. I think a personal web page is an extension of the calling card (business card). People can look me up and find out as little or as much as they want to know. How dare I presume that someone would want to know anything at all about me? Well, I don't. I'm doing this page in part to overcome a bit of shyness, to learn about HTML authoring, and hopefully to meet other people with similar interests, and I can't do that unless I make myself known to the world (or at least to the world wide web.) So, please don't be put off in this exercise in binary exhibitionism. Unless, of course, you are the sort of knee-jerk reactionary who gets offended at the slightest thing, in which case, you go now!

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2012 September 1
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