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Hello, my name is Ragnar Espolin Torfason
This is the meet the man behind the screen section of The Weeb Site.
I live in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. I was born in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Both my parents were born in Saskatchewan, Dad's parents were from Iceland, Mom's parents were from Scotland. That makes me a second generation Canadian.

I am a very understanding person. there are very few limits to the depth and breadth of my understanding. I guess it comes with the mystical aspect or just from watching, talking with and listening to people for so long. I am a far more understanding person than I am given credit for being. Most people assume too much about me, but I do not do the same With great understanding comes a different perspective of the importance of many things. There are many things that people find important, which I do not.

I love Storytelling, I can listen to good stories all day, and I have several times. For me, movies are all about telling a story. It doesn't mater if I know what's going to happen, what's really important is how they tell the story. Did they hold my attention on the story? Or did they waste my time with flashy special effects... I love to listen to a story teller, read me a good book and I'll be happy. I can just close my eyes and see the story unfold in my mind...

Go to The Renaissance Man's Homepage In my high school days many of my teachers called me Renaissance Man. In many ways I am "a modern day Renaissance Man." I was into history and I loved learning, I was making my own clothes by then and I was making stringed musical instrument. So I became known as "The Renaissance Man." It's still a big part of my life and practically defines my careeres.

Go to The Eighteenth Century Garb Homepage It wasn't till the last year in High School that I actually started making and wearing clothing in a Renaissance style. Before that my love of historic clothing was for the cloths of the Eighteenth Century.

representations of some of the key eras in history I love History and everything to do with it...

Go to Tempus Peregrinator's Weeb PageI've been active in The Society for Creative Anachronism since 1990 it's a long lasting hobby, often, the SCA is a very big part of my life. SCA related stuff is more than half of all the stuff in the whole Weeb Site. Even though it's ostensibly a "game" it is also a wonderful learning tool and a social club.

My Space Ship SiteMy love of engineering and architecture combined with my interest in space exploration are


Here are a few things you may not know about me

I have a broken back
The base of my spine was beaten up in a car accident in my last year of high school (1990 January) and though it all seemed alright at the time it proved to be far worse I still have a lot of pain, but not the debilitating pain I had thanks mostly to acupuncture The big thing about this is that it affects almost every aspect of my life So my life was on hold for a decade, and now I'm getting back to living..

I sew most of my clothing
For a variety of reasons I started sewing my own clothing when I was around 13 years old. Partly because I didn't like the current styles and I wanted something completely different. Also when I was in High School I was getting to be a

I'm very shy
Few people believe me when I say this but I am very shy, I have to work very hard to deal with it and at least what I have you don't get over it.

I love to teach, perhaps more than anything else
I know a lot, and it shows. I can and do teach on a great number of subjects The best high I've ever known is from teaching, when someone "gets it."

I'm pretty passionate about space exploration and travel
There is a pretty big universe out there, I can't or won't believe that it's just there to look at, we have to get out there and touch it

I'm in the impression business, I make impressions

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2012 September 16