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Cloak Patterns

Well not really much to say about patterns for cloaks, best way I have found for doing them is to hang them then cut them and wear them.





this is the pattern for this cloak showing the threequarter nature of it, the lower half is the traditional cut with the slit for the arms cut in the fabric. Now I like to cut this out in a different way, the top half ot thei pattern is my way, I use a seam from the neck to the apex of the sholder (sholder seam) and then another to the top of the arm slit. doing this means the cloak is made of smaller peices and gives you more pattern options.
So it will most likly be neccisary to have a center back seam and so the traditional cut will look like this.
Here is the back pattern I use
and this front on either a bias fold or seam can look so cool :o)

Stuff about this cool leather cloak that can be converted to a coat with long sleeves.

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