From Me:
I've got this train set out of the box and on my tracks.
The locomotive has truck mounted horn-hook couplers, partly to honour the original train set and because I couldn't be bothered, I've left them. This is the only PC locomotive I've left with horn-hook couplers. I don't use it much, but I like it, it's a strong loco.
The cars are all in their original condition, with truck mounted horn-hook couplers. As is the caboose.
This set comes with brass track, a figure 8 layout. I'll sell you the track for a good price.
This train set sold in the Loblaws chain of grocery stores for $35CAD, from 1992 November till they were out of stock.
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President's Choice Train Set #1
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all aboard the P.C. Express!
the 1st President's Choice Limited Collector's Edition
released for Christmas 1992
President's Choice SD-35 Diesel Electric

Text on the box:


X2F couplers and HO track compatible with all popular HO brands


Extended Figure 8 track layout Includes:

End of text on the box:

In the box:

President's Choice® Train Set # 1
Manufacturer: IHC of Slovenia
locomotive: SD-35 Diesel Electric Engine   Heraldry: White & Red cab, with "President's Choice" written on both side
Rolling Stock: Freight car   Heraldry: Yellow-picture sides
left side: PC' Raspberry Temptations and PC' The Decadent Cookies
right side: PC' Tomato Ketchup and PC' Hot Dogs
Tanker   Heraldry: Silver-picture sides
left side: PC' Cola and PC' Canada's Clear Choice
right side: PC' Grapefruit and Apple Juice PC' Cox's Orange Pippin
Hopper car   Heraldry: Green-picture sides
left side: PC' Extra Raisin and The ideal pizza crust PC' Splendido
right side: PC' Extra White Detergent scented and PC' 24 2-ply Bathroom Tissue
Caboose: President's Choice Insider's Report   Heraldry: Red   'TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!'
sides: President's Choice Memories of Szechwan, Kobe, Hong Kong and Montego Bay
Track: HO Code 100 Brass Track   Figure 8 layout:
19-18" radius curved, 4-18" curved sections of 46cm (18in) radius brass track with rail joiners 4-6" strait, 4-9" strait, one with re-railler & power conections, also rail joiners and track snap locks
Power Pack:


List of the Cars and Locomotives in all the President's Choice Train Sets.


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