From Me:
I've got this train set out of the box and on my tracks.
The locomotive is ...
The ore cars have different numbers as with those from sets #9 & #11. I've left the truck mounted horn-hook couplers on all the cars. They often make up a nice train of fifteen ore cars, pulled by the SD-35 Diesel from set #1.
The cars are all in their original condition, with truck mounted horn-hook couplers. As is the caboose.
This set comes with brass track, an oval. I'll sell you the track for a good price.
This train set sold in the Loblaws chain of grocery stores for $?CAD, from 1997 November till they were out of stock.
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President's Choice Train Set #5
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4-8-2 Mountain Express
the 5th President's Choice Limited Collector's Edition
released for Christmas 1997
CNR 6043 4-8-2 Mountain class U-1-d

Text on the box:

This collector's quality HO scale train set celebrates the end of an era: the C.N. #6043 engine made its last schedualed steam-powered run in commercial service on April 25, 1960, from The Pas to Winnipeg, Manitoba.

A veritable workhouse in its 33 years of service, the 4-8-2 Mountain type locomotive was an improvement on its predecessor, the 4-6-2 Pacific steam engine. Ten U-1-d locomotives in total were built for Canadian National Railways to serve the Western region.

THis mighty hauler was espesially designed and propotioned for heavy service, accommodating both freight and passenger loads over mountainous regions before and during the transitional period between steam and diesel power.

Modeled after the original reliable powerhouse, our faithful reproduction of this vintage engine is intricately detailed and accurately appointed. Equipped with authentically styled ore cars and a uniquely designed caboose, the set is available as a limited edition only, to enhance it's collection value

COmpatible with all HO scale model electric train sets with standard tracks, including our entire PC Collector's Series range, the PC 4-8-2 Mountain Express train set is a welcome addition to you collection, or the perfect gift for any train lover.

Canadian National Railways 4-8-2 Mountain-type steam locomovive, class U-1-d, Road Number 6043


Compatible with all popular HO brands, including all President's Choice train sets. Authentic period-sized cars are to scale.

Oval track layout Includes:

End of text on the box:

In the box:

President's Choice® Train Set # 5
Manufacturer: IHC of Slovenia
locomotive: 4-8-2 U-1-d Mountain Steam Engine & Tender   CN 6043   Heraldry: Black
Rolling Stock: Ore car   CN 172902   Heraldry: CN Red
Ore car   CN 172909   Heraldry: CN Red
Ore car   CN 172918   Heraldry: CN Red
Ore car   CN 172925   Heraldry: CN Red
Ore car   CN 172976   Heraldry: CN Red
Caboose: President's Choice Insider's Report   Heraldry: Red
Track: HO Code 100 Brass Track  
12-9" strait & 12-18" radius curved, one with re-railler & power conections, also rail joiners and track snap locks
Power Pack:


List of the Cars and Locomotives in all the President's Choice Train Sets.


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