From Me:
I've got this train set out of the box and on my tracks.
The locomotive is ...
The tanker cars are ...
The caboose is ...
This set comes with brass track, an oval. I'll sell you the track for a good price.
This train set was sold in the Loblaws chain of grocery stores for around $100CAD, from 1999 November till they were out of stock.
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President's Choice Train Set #7
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4-6-2 Pacific Express
the 7th President's Choice Limited Collector's Edition
released for Christmas 1999
CPR 4-6-2 Semi-Streamlined Pacific

Text on the box:

At the turn of the 20th century, the world embrased the very first long haul, high speed steam passenger locomotives, the 4-6-2 Semi-Steamlined Pacific. Its unique wheel configuration, aerodynamic design and more powerful boiler proved to be the answer to passengers' ever growing need for rapid and efficient train transportaion.

For forty years, this engineering marvel ruled the railways of the world. As time passed however, these hounourable steam passenger locomotives were replaced by younger and more cost-effective breed of diesel electric locomotives. The 4-6-2 Semi-Steamlined Pacific was sadly relegated to the less glamorous duty of freight service, and ironically helped fuel its successor, and ultimately precipitated its own demise, by sometimes hauling oil.

At thit, the turn of the 21st century, we are proud to commemorate this speed pioneer with our limited collector's edition President's Choice 4-6-2 Pacific Express train set. Only 10,002 sets of this series have been produced. Our faithfully reproduced locomotive is acompanied by 5 tanker cars, a tendercar and a caboose, all specially decorated.

Comapatible with all HO scale model electric train sets, including our entire PC Collector's Series, this set is a welcome addition to any collection.

Engine Attributes:


Compatible with all popular HO brands, including all President's Choice train sets. Authentic period-sized cars are to scale.

Oval tack layout Includes:

End of text on the box:

In the box:

President's Choice® Train Set # 7
Manufacturer: IHC of Slovenia
locomotive: 4-6-2 Semi-Streamlined Pacific Steam Engine & Tender   CP 246?   Heraldry: CP Grey/Burgundy/Black
Rolling Stock: Fat Albert Tanker car   PSI NATX 53705   Heraldry:
Fat Albert Tanker car   PCX LUCX 302328   Heraldry:
Fat Albert Tanker car   PCOX 99 Peacock Brand Petroleum Co. Ltd.   Heraldry:
Fat Albert Tanker car   UTLX 766211 Dominion Resins   Heraldry:
Fat Albert Tanker car   DACX 711867 Dominion Amalgamated Alaphatic resins Co. Ltd.   Heraldry:
Caboose: President's Choice Insider's Report   Heraldry: Red
Track: HO Code 100 Brass Track  
12-9" strait & 12-18" radius curved, one with re-railler & power conections, also rail joiners and track snap locks
Power Pack:


List of the Cars and Locomotives in all the President's Choice Train Sets.


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