From Me:
I've got this train set out of the box and on my tracks.
I'm very impressed with the locomotive, it runs well and strong, that's why I got more. The third will someday come out of the box too, but I'll need more roundhouse before I do that. I use these locos as much as the one from set #4.
The cars are ...
The cars are all in their original condition, with truck mounted horn-hook couplers. As is the caboose.
This set comes with brass track, an oval. I'll sell you the track for a good price.
This train set was sold in the Loblaws chain of grocery stores for around $100CAD, from 2001 November untill they were out of stock.
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President's Choice Train Set #8
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6060 Bullet-Nosed Express
the 8th President's Choice Limited Collector's Edition
released for Christmas 2001
CNR 6060 4-8-2 Mountain

Text on the box:

In 1944, in responce to the ever-growing war-time need for more efficient transportation, Canadian National launched its new, lighter, faster and more versitile vertion of the 4-8-2 steam locomotive, the 6060 series UI-F class. Equipped with its characteristic side valences painted in green, gold and black and distinguisable by the bullet nose of its smoke box front, the 6060 became affectionatly known as the "Bullet-Nosed Betty"

Although primarily designed fo passenger service, the skilfully balenced 6060 was not only capable of reaching speeds of 75 miles per hour but it did it without sacrificing its workhorse ability to haul long freight trains, a task which it frequently had to carry out. Over time, however, the 6060 became better known as a premier passenger locomotive as it took over the more prestigious runs: the "Continental Limited" (running between Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver) and the "International Limited" (running between Montreal, Toronto and Chicago).

As steam locomovies were being replaced by the new generation of diesels, the "Bullet-Nosed Betty" was retiered after 16 years of dependable service. For most steam locomotives, the advent of the diesel marked the end of an era; it would have been the end of the line. But not for the 6060.

Although retired from active duty and put on display in Jasper, Alberta in 1962, the "Bullet-Nosed Betty" was yet again called upon in 1972, this time, for steam aficionado excursions. In 1980, CN retired the 6060 and offered the locomotive as a gift to the people of Alberta to commemorate their province's 75th anniverary. After a second short-lived retiremend, the 6060, known from then on as the "Spirit of Alberta", was once more restored to full operating condition. To this day, this timeless locomotive lives on, bridbing the gap between the past and the present.

We are proud to commemorate such a phenominal part of Canadian rail history with our limited collector's edition Bullet-Nosed Express train set. Our faithfully reproduced locomotive is comapatible with all HO scale model electric train sets, including our entire President's Choice Collector's Series.

Locomotive Attributes:


Compatible with all popular HO brands, including all President's Choice train sets. Authentic period-sized cars are to scale.

Oval tack layout Includes:

End of text on the box:

In the box:

President's Choice® Train Set # 8
Manufacturer: IHC of Slovenia
locomotive: Bullet-Nosed 4-8-2 U1-F Semi-Streamlined Mountain Steam Engine & Vanderbilt Tender   CN 6060   Heraldry: CN Black/Green/Gold
Rolling Stock: Express refrigerator car   CN 10600   Heraldry: CN Black/Green/Gold
Express box car   CN 11102   Heraldry: CN Black/Green/Gold
Single-dome tanker car   CN CNX254   Heraldry: Black
Hopper car   CN 108763   Heraldry: CN Red
Caboose: President's Choice Organic   Heraldry: white
Track: HO Code 100 Brass Track  
12-9" strait & 12-18" radius curved, one with re-railler & power conections, also rail joiners and track snap locks
Power Pack:


List of the Cars and Locomotives in all the President's Choice Train Sets.


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