From Me:
I've got this train set out of the box and on my tracks. This engine is great, it's geared low so it won't go fast but I have a couple of yards and this YARD BULL is great in them. It's heavy and can shift around a lot of cars. It performs well at low speeds. The only steam locomotive I have with a working front coupler, at this time.
This Locomotive is ...
The ore cars have different numbers as with those from sets #5 & #11. I've left the truck mounted horn-hook couplers on all the cars. They often make up a nice train of fifteen ore cars, pulled by the SD-35 Diesel from set #1.
The locomotive is ...
The cars are all in their original condition, with truck mounted horn-hook couplers. As is the caboose.
This set comes with brass track, an oval. I'll sell you the track for a good price.
This train set was sold in the Loblaws chain of grocery stores for around $100CAD, from 2002 November untill they were out of stock.
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President's Choice Train Set #9
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Yard Bull Switcher Locomotive
the 9th President's Choice Limited Collector's Edition
released for Christmas 2002
CNR 8333 0-8-0 Yard Bull sub-class P-5-d Switcher

Text on the box:

In days gone by, the legendary steam locomotives were glorious haulers of precious freight and cargo. The journeyed from coast to coast, thundering across mountains and valleys of this great nation, transporting everything from minerals to passengers. With their great power and ground-breaking speeds, they bore such memorable names as the Bullet Nosed Betty, the Pacific and the Mountain Express. In the shadow of these splendid transcontinental locomotives, were the unsung heroes of the rail industry: the switcher locomotive.

Although the high-speed steam locomotives could deliver their cargo in record time, they were inefficient in short-distance deliveries to final destiations or precision redirecting. With blooming industrialization and the advent of large freight yards, a growing need developed for efficient "switching" of "shifting" of large blocks of freight cars. This is were the 0-8-0, affectionatly named Yard Bull came in. This behind-the-scenes behemoth, with its incredible traction and slower speed, could deliver the perfect combination of precision and brute force that was needed to accomplish this daunting task.

There were no long, magnificent cross-Canada trips for the humble switcher locomotive, but in a world were high speed seemed to be the ultimate goal, strength and precision were still needed and the Yard Bull was there to fulfill its duty.

The switcher locomotive were divided into two sub-classes: the P-5-e, manufactured by Baldwin in 1927 and the P-5-d manufactured by Canadian National in 1927 and in 1928 (numbered 8330-8339). The one we have replicated, the 8333, was undoubtedly, like its numerous counterparts, put to work as soon as it hit the rails and continued to toil well into the 1950s or until the very end of the steam era.

Though the Yard Bull may have lead an existence founded on hard work with no glory, we are proud to commemorate its invaluable contribution to the success of Canadian rail transportaion. Our collector's edition Yard Bull Switcher is a faithful reproduction of this classic locomotive and it is comapatible with all HO scale model electric train sets, including our entire President's Choice Collector's Series.

Engine Attributes:


Compatible with all popular HO brands, including all President's Choice train sets. Authentic period-sized cars are to scale.

Oval tack layout Includes:

End of text on the box:

In the box:

President's Choice® Train Set # 9
Manufacturer: IHC of Slovenia
locomotive: 0-8-0 sub-class P-5-d Yard Bull Switcher Steam Engine & Tender   CN   Heraldry: Black
Rolling Stock: Ore car   CN 172900   Heraldry: CN Red
Ore car   CN 172911   Heraldry: CN Red
Ore car   CN 172915   Heraldry: CN Red
Ore car   CN 172923   Heraldry: CN Red
Ore car   CN 172970   Heraldry: CN Red
Caboose: President's Choice Insider's Report   Heraldry: Red
Track: HO Code 100 Brass Track  
12-9" strait & 12-18" radius curved, one with re-railler & power conections, also rail joiners and track snap locks
Power Pack: Two-piece power pack with wall mount addapter and hand-held smooth-motion controller


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